Updated: {terminfo0/terminfo0-extra}-5.5_20061104-12

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 25 02:22:00 GMT 2010

The terminfo0 packages contain the terminal information database that
enables proper operation of ncurses-based applications. This package,
which can be installed alongside the regular 'terminfo' ones, provides
that database using the organizational structure expected by libncurses8
and earlier (newer ncurses applications, using libncurses9 and newer,
use a different structure on cygwin, correcting issues with case-

This is a feature enhancement release.

The current terminfo, in order to improve operation on case-insensitive
platforms, is now organized according to the two-digit hexadecimal code
of the entry's first letter, instead of organized according to that
first letter itself.  For instance:

  OLD (terminfo0) --->   CURRENT (terminfo)
  r/rxvt-unicode         72/rxvt-unicode

Each database is actually provided in two parts. The terminfo0 package 
provides most of the terminal definitions commonly used on the cygwin
platform, and a selection of others. The terminfo0-extra package provides
all of the others (again, arranged using the "old" libncurses8-compatible

In addition, because (a) the libncurses8-based tic0 tool must be used
to generate the old-style database, and (b) that old tic0 tool cannot
support some constructs in the new 5.7_20091114 terminfo.src file, the
terminfo0 database is "stuck" at an old version (5.5_20061104) of the
terminfo.src, and as such may contain bugs in the terminal definitions
it supplies. The fix for client applications is to recompile against
libncurses9 or newer and thus use the current terminfo packages, rather
than continuing to rely on this old and possibly broken terminfo0 package.

CHANGES (since 5.5_20061104-11)
o Add cygwin-old for 1.5 compatibility (reverts to kbs=^H)
o Support vt100 sequences now available in cygwin-1.7.2 (Thomas Wolff)
o Make cygwinDBG's tbc entry match that provided in the regular
  terminfo package.

Charles Wilson
terminfo volunteer maintainer for cygwin


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