New package: maradns-1.4.03-2

Steven Monai
Tue May 4 14:39:00 GMT 2010

Version 1.4.03-2 of 'maradns' has been uploaded. This version is the
initial release of the maradns package for Cygwin.

The following was excerpted from the Introduction section of the MaraDNS
project website, :

MaraDNS is a package that implements the Domain Name Service (DNS),
an essential internet service. MaraDNS has the following advantages:

* Secure. MaraDNS has a security history as good as or better than
  any other DNS server. For example, MaraDNS has always randomized,
  using a secure random number generator, the Query ID and source
  port of DNS queries; and was never vulnerable to the "new" cache
  poisoning attack.
* Supported. MaraDNS has a long history of being maintained and
  updated. Actively developed since 2001, MaraDNS continues to be
  fully supported: The most recent release was done on February 2,
  2010. Deadwood, the code that will become part of MaraDNS 2.0,
  is frequently updated.
* Easy to use. A basic recursive configuration needs only a single
  three-line configuration file. A basic authoritative configuration
  needs only a four-line configuration file and a one-line zone file.
  MaraDNS is fully documented, with both easy-to-follow tutorials
  and a complete and up-to-date reference manual.
* Small. MaraDNS is well suited for embedded applications and other
  environments where the server must use the absolute minimum number
  of resources possible. MaraDNS' binary is smaller than that of any
  other currently maintained recursive DNS server.
* Open Source. MaraDNS is fully open-source, The license is a two-
  clause BSD license that is almost identical to the FreeBSD license.


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