Updated: gnuplot-4.4.0-1: A command-line driven interactive function plotting utility

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Tue May 4 15:19:00 GMT 2010


A new version of 'gnuplot' has been uploaded to a server near you.

o Update to latest upstream release.
o Build for cygwin 1.7.5 with gcc-4

gnuplot NEWS:
New features, changes and fixes since gnuplot version 4.2

* NEW linetype property 'pointinterval'
* NEW gnuplot.exe is a full-featured console mode gnuplot executable for Windows
* NEW plot style "with circles"
* NEW object types circle, ellipse, and polygon
* NEW options front and back to "set colorbox"
* NEW x11 can plot into a window opened and managed by an external application
* NEW gd terminal can use fonts through fontconfig (libgd version > 2.0.35)
* NEW optional 3 columns of data to generate histogram errorbars
* NEW 'volatile' data, including inline data, can be replotted without rereading
* NEW 'refresh' command replots without rereading data if possible
* NEW rgbimage style now works in 2D and 3D for all terminals that support RGB
* NEW plot style rgbalpha 
* NEW transparent fill styles
* NEW iteration within a plot command; e.g. plot for [i=1:10] foo(i)
* NEW iteration within set/unset commands
* NEW operators '=' and ',' in expression syntax
* NEW terminal lua generates commands for interpretation by external lua script
* NEW terminal tikz uses a lua script to generate output for latex TikZ package
* NEW terminal canvas for HTML 5 canvas element
* NEW terminal pdfcairo based on cairo and pango
* NEW terminal pngcairo based on cairo and pango
* NEW terminal dpu414 - Seiko DPU-414 thermal printer
* NEW error status variables GPVAL_ERRNO and GPVAL_ERRMSG
* NEW variables GPVAL_PWD
* NEW per-plot export of information needed for external mousing scripts
* NEW support for dashed linetypes in additional terminals
* NEW the 'bind' command accepts non-keyboard triggers, e.g. 'close'
* NEW commands 'show bind' and 'reset bind'
* NEW individual plots can be omitted from autoscaling of axis ranges
* NEW more smoothing options: new kernels (for dgrid3d) and 'smooth cumulative'
* NEW command 'evaluate' executes commands from a string variable
* NEW z-axis tic labels can be colored by Z value
* NEW command 'set view equal {xy|xyz}' forces axes in a 3D plot to the same scale
* NEW 'set pm3d interpolate m,n' supports also non-positive m,n as nbs of points
* FIX domain restrictions on ibeta()
* FIX color assignment of contour lines when "set increment user" is in effect
* FIX remove the limit of 64 characters read as string data from a data file
* FIX remainder of command line is not lost after a "load" command
* FIX more complete support for locale internationalization, UTF-8 encoding
* FIX various font-handling problems in postscript terminal driver
* FIX avoid infinite loop on resizing x11 plot window under ion, fluxbox
* FIX handle addition plot styles in mode 'set table'
* FIX purge tick labels read from a datafile at the end of each plot
* FIX 2nd colour in the colour box for negative palette in postscript
* FIX interpolatation for pm3d surfaces given by both z and colour coordinates
* FIX 'set datafile binary format=...' was documented, but not implemented
* FIX enhanced text mode treatment of UTF-8 characters
* FIX emf terminal enhanced text mode now accepted by Windows programs
* CHANGE A number that begins with a . must continue with a digit
* CHANGE syntax of 'set datafile binary' array= and record= options
* CHANGE 'reset' does not affect locale, encoding, decimalsign settings
* CHANGE 'set key textcolor rgb variable' will use plot colors for key entries
* CHANGE Remove obsolete IRIS4D terminal type
* CHANGE Remove obsolete atari terminal types (atariaes atarivdi multitos)
* CHANGE Use empty/solid fill for candlesticks rather than empty/striped
* CHANGE 'l' and 'L' hotkeys toggle colorbar logscale iff mouse is in colorbar
* CHANGE The x11 app-defaults file is installed by default in
         NB: Please copy this to an appropriate system directory


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