Updated: transfig-3.2.5c-1: Tools for creating TeX documents with graphics

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Sun May 23 16:19:00 GMT 2010


A new version of 'transfig' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Build for cygwin 1.7 with gcc-4
 o Updated to latest upstream release

transfig NEWS:

Patchlevel 5c (Jan 4, 2010)
	o transfig command was hardwired for "tex" for "make all" directive and
	  removing files with "make clean" directive in creating Makefile

Patchlevel 5b (Jun 2, 2009)

	o -a option added to PostScript and PICTeX languages to NOT include user's
	  login name in output
	o Gerber (RS-247-X for CAD drawings for printed circuits) export language from Edward Grace

Patchlevel 5a (Jun 1, 2009)

	o 22 new arrowhead types
	o HTML map now produces reference to .png file instead of .gif

	o CreationDate in pictex output was either wrong or caused segfault
	o bugs fixed in SVG Driver:
	  - blue component of shaded colors was always zero
	  - line protruding beyond arrowhead on long arrows
	  - wrong position of back arrowhead on double-headed arrows
	  - fill patterns either missing or using incorrect linewidth
	  - lowercase greek phi did not match its X11 counterpart
	  from Martin Kroeker
	o dubious printf(j++,j++) in MP driver
	o missing #includes in MP driver
	o added !defined(__FreeBSD) to fig2dev.h def for sys_nerr and errno
	  From Eric Scott
	o added -quiet options to giftopnm and ppmtopcs in reading GIF files
	  From Eric Scott
	o Typo in LaTeX driver when generating arc-box. "iut" should be "put"
	o extraneous stroke:black in svg header removed along with stroke color
	  for text, since the text fill color does the whole job
	o fig2dev produces more correctly structured PostScript.  Files get printed via
	  CUPS on PostScript printers.  When viewing a .ps-file in gv you can go to the
	  last page and back and to the last page again without getting PostScript errors.
	  From Ronald Lembcke
	o Renamed the macro \SetFigFont to \SetFigFontNFSS if NFSS is #defined to alleviate
	  some problems. From Roland Rosenfeld.
	o Grid in metric mode was incorrectly scaled
	o Removes any %EOF or %%EOF from imported EPS pictures before exporting.  
	  Also doesn't add %EOF when importing JPEG file now.
	o Missing call to get local time before converting to string in genpictex.c


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