Updated: gmp-4.3.2-1

David Billinghurst dbcygwin@gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 07:34:00 GMT 2011

I have released a new version of the gmp library for arbitrary precision 
arithmetic.  The new release is the final release in the 4.3 series.

Homepage: http://gmplib.org/

Upstream fixes for issues in 4.3.1 http://gmplib.org/oldrel/
  * The function mpf_eq has several bugs.
  * For extremely large operands, there are overflow issues in
    input conversion affecting mpz_set_str, mpz_inp_str,
    mpf_set_str, and mpf_get_str.
  * Multiplication of an operand of up to a few thousand digits
    by a huge operand triggers a too large stack allocation,
    leading to segfaults.
  * A hard-to-trigger bug in FFT multiplication exists.

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