Updated: rcs-5.8-1: The Revision Control System

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Thu Nov 17 21:35:00 GMT 2011


A new version of 'rcs' has been uploaded to a server near you.

 o Update to latest upstream release
 o Build for cygwin 1.7 with gcc-4

rcs NEWS:

- 5.8 | 2011-08-30

  - License now GPLv3+ (see COPYING)

  - Change in terminology: from "path" to "file name" (or "file-name")

        However, if "path" intends "search path", we say so explicitly.

  - Changes to the RCS package

    - New documentation in Info format

        On "make install", rcs.info is installed in $(infodir), with
        title "GNU RCS <VERSION>" in dircategory "Version control".
        The doc source is texinfo (released under GNU FDL 1.3), so you
        can easily create output in HTML, PDF, etc.

    - Dropped configure option: --with-diffutils

        To specify non-GNU diffutils programs diff(1) and diff3(1), name
        them using variables on the configure command-line.  See README.

    - Configuration more strict in some ways, more lax in others.

        Before, part of the configuration was done at compile time.
        Now, all of it is done by the configure script.  Here are the
        set of conditions which will cause the configure script to fail
        (with a "could not find..." message):

         - for --enable-mailer=PROG, 'PROG' not absolute;
         - for diff(1), value of env var 'DIFF' not absolute;
         - diff(1) not GNU diffutils compatible;
         - for diff3(1), value of env var 'DIFF3' not absolute;
         - for ed(1), value of env var 'ED' not absolute;
         - no C99-capable compiler.

        Here, "absolute" means "specified as an absolute filename".
        On the flip side, configuration no longer checks for some
        situations such as 'sigaction' yes, but 'SA_SIGINFO' no.
        [Question for pretesters: Is this OK?]

        Most of the portability duties are now handled by gnulib.

    - New configure option: --enable-suid[=setreuid]

        This builds RCS with setuid support (the default).  Optional
        arg 'setreuid' means use setreuid(2) instead of seteuid(2).

    - New configure option: --disable-mmap

        This builds RCS without mmap(2), even if available.  See README.

    - New configure option: --enable-mailer=PROG

        The feature whereby ci(1) sends mail when breaking a lock is now
        disabled by default.  To enable, specify '--enable-mailer=PROG'
        to the configure script.  See README.

    - New configure option: --enable-compat2

        This preponderantly unlikely to be used option allows RCS
        commands to read RCS files written by RCS 2.  See README.

    - You can "make check" prior to "make install".

        Doing "make check" automatically prepends to the 'PATH' env var
        the value of '$(abs_top_builddir)/src', so that the programs
        co, rcsdiff, and rcsmerge can find their peers (co and merge).

        Likewise, "make installcheck" prepends '$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)'.

        Previously, you had to "make install" first and then arrange
        for '$(DESTDIR)$(bindir)' to be on 'PATH' "manually".

        See tests/README for more info on the test suite.

  - Bug fixes

    - Remove all edit info when removing all revisions.

        Previously, "rcs -o" (outdating) all revisions failed to
        leave the RCS file in a consistent state; edit info (i.e.,
        log message + diff(1) output) remained for the deleted revisions.

        For example, this sequence of commands:
          echo foo > foo
          ci -q -i -t-desc -mHELLO foo
          rcs -q -o1.1: foo
          grep '@H' foo,v
        used to display "@HELLO" to stdout.

        Now, all revisions are completely removed.

    - Code no longer uses mktemp(3).

        Using mktemp(3) is a security risk.  We use mkstemp(3) now.
        Likewise, rcsfreeze.sh now uses mktemp(1).

    - Misc manpage tweaks / fixes.

        Document 'rlog -q'; fix small merge.1 omission; add branch
        labels in rcsfile.5; say "GNU RCS <VERSION>" in footer.

  - Other changes

    - All commands accept '--help' and '--version'.

        The help output includes an email address for bug reports.
        For continuity, option '-V' is now a synonym for '--version'.

        Relatedly, commands no longer display usage info if given
        a bad or malformed option.  You can use '--help' for that.

    - A string of all digits is now valid for author, state.

        This means you can set the author or state to, for example,
        "000000" or "42".  Previously, these would have caused a
        "invalid identifier" or "invalid symbol" error.

    - Env var RCS_MEM_LIMIT controls stdio threshold.

        For speed, RCS uses memory-based routines for files up to
        256 kilobytes, and stream-based (stdio) routines otherwise.
        You can change this threshold value by setting the environment
        variable 'RCS_MEM_LIMIT' to a non-negative integer, measured in
        kilobytes.  An empty 'RCS_MEM_LIMIT' value is silently ignored.

    - RCS can now work with files larger than 2 gigabytes.

        RCS now uses large file offsets (#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64).

    - Pass-through for RCS file 'commitid SYMBOL' now builtin.

        Due to GNU CVS (Concurrent Versions System) using a compatible
        file format as RCS for the RCS file, you can use RCS commands
        to view and manipulate its contents.  (Note, however, the next
        NEWS item.)

        This works well enough except for a small annoyance: CVS adds a
        per-revision field called the "commitid" with an opaque (to RCS)
        symbolic value.  Previously, RCS commands would emit a warning
        "unrecognized phrases" (unless given '-q' on the command-line).

        RCS commands now automatically support pass-through handling of
        'commitid SYMBOL' (so '-q' is no longer necessary).

    - RCS file top-level grammar frozen.

        The RCS file top-level grammar is now frozen; RCS no longer
        supports pass-through operation of unrecognized key/data pairs
        (called "newphrases" in the RCS 5.7 rcsfile(5) manpage).

        To avoid painting ourselves into a corner, the grammar now
        includes a new key 'integrity' with @-string value, whose
        sub-grammar is not yet specified.  (We intend to keep checksums
        and other compacted redundancies in this field, for manipulation
        by the commands in a future RCS 5.x release.)  For upward
        compatability, the commands in this release do not change this
        field, although they silently read and write it (pass-through),
        if present.

    - RCS file syntax-validated earlier, completely.

        Previously, RCS file syntax was validated lazily, and trailing
        garbage was not detected (see bugfix above).  Now, a top-level
        validation is done on each access.

    - Possible to specify an empty log message with ci -m, rcs -m.

        The commands "ci -m" and "rcs -m" no longer error on an
        empty log message.  Their non-interactive behavior is now
        consistent with the interactive invocation.

        was: ci -m file < /dev/null   # use stdin to avoid error
        now: ci -m file               # works fine, like so

        Note that these commands actually store as the log message
        the string: "*** empty log message ***".

    - Date option accepts some more date-only formats

        Date format 'YYYY-DDD' specifies a year and a day (1-366),
        while format 'YYYY-wWW-D' specifies a year, an ISO week number
        (0-53, 0 is a GNU RCS extension), and a day number (1-7, for
        Monday through Sunday).

    - Changes to rcsdiff

      - New handling for option: -U N

        This arranges to output N lines of unified-diff context.
        Relatedly, the list of possible options passed to the underlying
        diff(1) appears in both "rcsdiff --help" and in the manual.

      - Refined "same-revision don't call diff" optimization

        Normally, if the two revisions specified are the same, we avoid
        calling the underlying diff(1) on the theory that it will
        produce no output.  This does not hold generally for '-y'
        (--side-by-side) and '-D' (--ifdef), such as when the revision
        specified is by different symbolic names, so for those options
        the optimization is disabled.


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