New packages: avahi, mDNSResponder

Yaakov (Cygwin/X)
Tue Apr 3 02:59:00 GMT 2012

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

*** avahi-0.6.31-1
*** avahi-tools-0.6.31-1
*** avahi-ui-tools-0.6.31-1
*** girepository-Avahi0.6-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-client3-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-client-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-common3-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-common-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-core7-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-core-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-glib1-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-glib-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-gobject0-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-gobject-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-qt4_1-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-qt4-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-ui0-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-ui-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-ui-gtk3_0-0.6.31-1
*** libavahi-ui-gtk3-devel-0.6.31-1
*** libdns_sd1-320.10.80-1
*** libdns_sd-devel-320.10.80-1
*** mDNSResponder-320.10.80-1
*** python-avahi-0.6.31-1

Avahi and mDNSResponder provide a DNS-SD implementation for *NIX 
systems.  If you want to actually use this functionality, you must do 
the following:

1) Install the 'avahi' package and its dependencies.

2) If the Bonjour Service is not listed in services.msc (it is installed 
by several well-known Windows programs), download and install it.  Once 
present, make sure it is set to start automatically.

3) Install the D-Bus system service by running messagebus-config as an 

4) Install the Avahi system service by running 
/usr/sbin/avahi-daemon-config as an Administrator.

5) Start the messagebus and avahi-daemon services with `cygrunsrv -S' or 
via services.msc, or reboot.

This is explained further on my blog:




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