Updated: diffutils-3.2-1

Christopher Faylor cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please@cygwin.com
Wed Apr 25 04:30:00 GMT 2012

I've made a new version of 'diffutils' (http://www.gnu.org/software/diffutils/)
available for installation.  This is the most recent version of
diffutils from ftp.gnu.org .  I've included a snippet from the diffutils
NEWS file showing changes since the last Cygwin release below.


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* Noteworthy changes in release 3.2 (2011-09-02) [stable]

** Changes in behavior

  --ignore-file-name-case now applies at the top level too.
  For example, "diff dir inIt" might compare "dir/Init" to "inIt".

** New features

  diff and sdiff have a new option --ignore-trailing-space (-Z).

** Packaging

  The texinfo documentation no longer specifies "front-cover" or "back-cover"
  texts, so that it may now be included in Debian's "main" section.

* Noteworthy changes in release 3.1 (2011-08-10) [stable]

** Bug fixes

  diff no longer reports spurious differences merely because two entries
  in the same directory have names that compare equal in the current
  locale, or compare equal because --ignore-file-name-case was given.

* Noteworthy changes in release 3.0 (2010-05-03) [stable]

** Bug fixes

  diff once again prints the required "\ No newline at end of file" line
  when at least one input lacks a newline-at-EOF and the final hunk plus
  context-length aligns exactly with the end of the newline-lacking file.
  [bug introduced between 2.8.7 and 2.9]

** Changes in behavior

  In context-style diffs, diff prints a portion of a preceding "function"
  line for each hunk, with --show-function-line=RE (-F) or
  --show-c-function (-p).  Now, it trims leading blanks from such lines
  before extracting a prefix.  This is useful especially when a function
  line is so far indented that the name itself would be truncated or not
  included in the limited-width substring that diff appends.

  diff once again reports a difference with the diagnostic
  "Binary files A and B differ" when at least one of the files
  appears to be binary.  From 2.8.4 through diffutils-2.9, it printed
  "Files A and B differ".

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