Updated: parrot-4.3.0-1, rakudo and rakudo-star-201204-1 (perl6)

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Thu May 3 19:03:00 GMT 2012

I updated the Cygwin distributions of parrot-4.3.0-1,
rakudo-201204.1-1 (aka perl6) and rakudo-star-201204-1

These are stable, a so-called "supported" releases.

Canonical homepages:

Canonical downloads:

Packaging Details:
* blizkost (perl5 in perl6) is gone.
* winxed and nqp is new, parrot-nqp is an old version unfortunately
required to bootstrap.
 maybe we'll add a new nqp package somewhen.
* you need at least 2GB free RAM and an initialized rebase database to rebuild

New in parrot
See http://parrot.org/news/2012/Parrot-4.3.0
- Core
       + Winxed snapshot updated to 1.7.0
       + Add type introspection to lexical variables.
       + New 'tools/release/parrot_github_release.pl' script to automate
         updates to the 'parrot.github.com' and 'parrot-docsx' repositories.
       + Numerous casting and consting fixes thanks to GCC 4.8 .
   - Documentation
       + Updated 'docs/projects/release_manager_guide.pod'
       + Updated 'docs/projects/release_parrot_github_guide.pod'
       + Improved function documentation.
   - Tests
   - Community
   - Platforms
       + Fixed alignment issues on ia64, sparc and mipsel.
       + Fixed a platform-specific issue with dlclose().

rakudo release announcement:

* much improved startup time
* much more robust module precompilation
* autovivification for arrays and hashes is implemented again
* many phasers like PRE, POST and REDO are now implemented
* improved support for calling C functions and modelling structs and arrays
via NativeCall.pm6
* now includes modules URI, LWP::Simple, jsonrpc and Bailador (a Perl 6 port
of Dancer)

This release also contains a range of bug fixes, improvements to error
reporting and better failure modes. Many more exceptions are thrown
as typed exceptions.

notable incompatible changes from the previous releases:
* the ‘lib’ directory is not included in the default module search path
anymore. You can manipulate the search path with the PERL6LIB environment

Reini Urban
http://cpanel.net/   http://www.perl-compiler.org/

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