NEW: automake1.12-1.12.3-1

Charles Wilson
Mon Sep 3 05:03:00 GMT 2012

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `'s
suitable for use with Autoconf, compliant with the GNU Makefile
standards, and portable to various make implementations. This is
the first release in the automake-1.12 release series, and contains
the latest version of automake system, automake-1.12.3.

This is the first release of automake-1.12 for the cygwin platform.

This cygwin package, automake1.12, can be installed without conflict
alongside the existing automake1.11, automake1.10, automake1.9,
automake1.8, automake1.7, automake1.6, automake1.5, and automake1.4
cygwin packages.

CHANGES (excerpts from upstream announcement):
1.12.3: We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.12.3 maintenance
1.12.3: release.
1.12.3: This release:
1.12.3:   - reworks and reshuffles the Automake testsuite a bit;
1.12.3:     fixing some weaknesses and spurious failures in the
1.12.3:     process, but also, likely, introducing new ones;
1.12.3:   - introduces initial support for automatic dependency
1.12.3:     tracking with the Portland Group C/C++ compilers (thanks
1.12.3:     toDave Goodell and Jeff A. Daily);
1.12.3:   - fixes several long-standing bugs and limitations in the
1.12.3:     'ylwrap' script (thanks to Akim Demaille); among the
1.12.3:     other things, the long-standing PR/491 and automake
1.12.3:     bug#7648 are now fixed.
1.12.3: See the original release announcement for details.

1.12.2: We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.12.2 maintenance
1.12.2: release.
1.12.2: This release FIXES A SECURITY VULNERABILITY (CVE-2012-3386;
1.12.2: see the NEWS excerpt below for details), so you are strongly 
1.12.2: encouraged to upgrade your existing Automake installation ASAP.
1.12.2: See the original release announcement for details.

1.12.1: We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.12.1 maintenance
1.12.1: release.
1.12.1: This release:
1.12.1:   - fixes few minor bugs, and some weaknesses in the
1.12.1:     Automake's own testsuite and build system;
1.12.1:   - removes and some inefficiencies in the implementation of the
1.12.1:     'check' and 'recheck' targets (as offered by the parallel
1.12.1:     testuite harness);
1.12.1:   - introduces several new warnings meant to inform the users
1.12.1:     about upcoming backward-incompatibilities that we plan to
1.12.1:     introduce in the next major Automake version (1.13).
1.12.1:   - introduces built-in support for the Objective C++
1.12.1:     programming language (thanks to Peter Breitenlohner for
1.12.1:     this).
1.12.1: See the original release announcement for details.

1.12: We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.12 release.
1.12: This is a major release with several important changes, coming
1.12: almost three years after the latest major release (1.11).
1.12: The most significant new feature in this release is certainly
1.12: the support for the TAP testing protocol in the Automake-generated
1.12: testsuite harnesses. Note that the use of this feature still
1.12: requires some non-trivial manual setup by the developer
1.12: unfortunately (which should be explained in detail in the manual);
1.12: this limitation should be lifted in a future maintenance release.
1.12: There is also at least one long-awaited bug fix: now, any explicit
1.12: enabling or disabling of a warning category always take precedence
1.12: over the set of warning categories implied by the strictness mode.
1.12: For example, a setting like:
1.12:   AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = -Wall --foreign
1.12: will cause the warnings in category 'portability' to be enabled,
1.12: even if those warnings are by default disabled in 'foreign'
1.12: strictness.  This wasn't the case for older Automake versions.
1.12: See the original release announcement for details.

Testsuite results:
Testsuite summary for GNU Automake 1.12.3
# TOTAL: 2877
# PASS:  2753
# SKIP:  85
# XFAIL: 38
# FAIL:  1
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

Testsuite Details:
FAIL: t/
+ Appears to be a bug in the test itself:
| + automake-1.12 --foreign -Werror -Wall -a
| error: './main.texi' missing @setfilename
| installing './texinfo.tex'

Charles Wilson
volunteer automake maintainer for cygwin


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