Updated: nasm-2.10.05-1

Dean Scarff dos@scarff.id.au
Tue Sep 11 14:28:00 GMT 2012

The cygwin package of nasm has been update to version 2.10.05.  This  
is the latest stable upstream version available from http://nasm.us/

The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is an 80x86 and x86-64 assembler designed  
for portability and modularity.

The full upstream changelog since the last Cygwin package (2.08.02) is  
long; below are excerpts for the two major upstream releases.  The  
full history is available at http://nasm.us/doc/nasmdocc.html

Version 2.10:
  - When optimization is enabled, mov r64,imm now optimizes to the  
shortest form possible between:
      mov r32,imm32                   ;  5 bytes
      mov r64,imm32                   ;  7 bytes
      mov r64,imm64                   ; 10 bytes
  - Add support for the Intel AVX2 instruction set.
  - Add support for Bit Manipulation Instructions 1 and 2.
  - Add support for Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions  
  - Add support for x32 ELF (32-bit ELF with the CPU in 64-bit mode.)
  - Add support for bigendian UTF-16 and UTF-32.

Version 2.09:
  - Fixed assignment the magnitude of %rep counter. It is limited to  
62 bits now.
  - Fixed NULL dereference if argument of %strlen resolves to  
whitespace. For example if nonexistent macro parameter is used.
  - %ifenv, %elifenv, %ifnenv, and %elifnenv directives introduced.
  - Fixed NULL dereference if environment variable is missed.
  - Updates of new AVX v7 Intel instructions.
  - PUSH imm32 is now officially documented.
  - Fix for encoding the LFS, LGS and LSS in 64-bit mode.
  - Fixes for compatibility with OpenWatcom compiler and DOS 8.3 file  
format limitation.
  - Macros parameters range expansion introduced.
  - Backward compatibility on expanging of local sigle macros restored.
  - 8 bit relocations for elf and bin output formats are introduced.
  - Short intersegment jumps are permitted now.
  - An alignment more than 64 bytes are allowed for win32, win64  
output formats.
  - SECTALIGN directive introduced.
  - nojmp option introduced in smartalign package.
  - Short aliases win, elf and macho for output formats are  
introduced. Each stands for win32, elf32 and macho32 accordingly.
  - Faster handling of missing directives implemented.
  - Various small improvements in documentation.
  - No hang anymore if unable to open malloc.log file.
  - The environments without vsnprintf function are able to build nasm  
  - AMD LWP instructions updated.
  - Tighten EA checks. We warn a user if there overflow in EA  
  - Make -Ox the default optimization level. For the legacy behavior,  
specify -O0 explicitly.
  - Environment variables read with %! or tested with %ifenv can now  
contain non-identifier characters if surrounded by quotes.
  - Add a new standard macro package %use fp for floating-point  
convenience macros.

Dean Scarff


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