Updated: Singular 3.1.6-2

Yue Ren ren@mathematik.uni-kl.de
Sat Feb 23 18:54:00 GMT 2013

Version 3.1.6-2 of "Singular" has been uploaded. Singular is a
computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special
emphasis on commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic
geometry, and singularity theory.

Its main computational objects are ideals, modules and matrices over a
large number of baserings. These include
-polynomial rings over various ground fields and some rings (including
the integers),
-localizations of the above,
-a general class of non-commutative algebras (including the exterior
algebra and the Weyl algebra),
-quotient rings of the above,
-tensor products of the above.

Singular's core algorithms handle
-Gröbner resp. standard bases and free resolutions,
-polynomial factorization,
-resultants, characteristic sets, and numerical root finding.


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