Updated: emacs-24.3.91-1 [TEST]

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Tue Jun 24 02:41:00 GMT 2014

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution as 
test releases:

*** emacs-24.3.91-1
*** emacs-X11-24.3.91-1
*** emacs-w32-24.3.91-1
*** emacs-el-24.3.91-1

Emacs is a powerful, customizable, self-documenting, modeless text 
editor.  Emacs contains special code editing features, a scripting 
language (elisp), and the capability to read mail, news, and more 
without leaving the editor.

This is another pretest of the upcoming emacs-24.4, replacing the 
current pretest (24.3.90-1).  It is built from a snapshot of the 
upstream release branch as of yesterday.

This release includes a fix for the bug reported in


as well as a workaround for the bug reported here:


The workaround consists of disabling a feature that uses Glib to check 
for file modifications.  Although the reported bug affected only 32-bit 
Cygwin, I made the change on 64-bit Cygwin also, on the off chance that 
it might reduce the number of crashes that people are getting on that 
platform.  If you have been seeing such crashes, please test the new 
release and let me know if you see any improvement.

As with the previous test release, I have built the binaries without 
optimization to simplify debugging.

1. The emacs, emacs-w32, and emacs-X11 packages each provide an emacs 
binary.  These are emacs-nox.exe, emacs-w32.exe, and emacs-X11.exe, 
respectively, in order of increasing priority.  The postinstall scripts 
use the `alternatives' system to create a symlink /usr/bin/emacs that 
resolves to the highest-priority binary that you have installed.  Thus 
the command `emacs' will start emacs-X11.exe if you've installed the 
emacs-X11 package; otherwise, it will start emacs-w32.exe if you've 
installed emacs-w32; otherwise, it will start emacs-nox.exe.  Similar 
remarks apply to emacsclient.

If you have installed both emacs-w32 and emacs-X11 and prefer to give 
higher priority to emacs-w32, run the script


You can later restore emacs-X11 as the default by running


2. Install emacs-X11 if you want to use the X11 GUI.  You can then type 
`emacs&' in an xterm window, and emacs will start in a new window.

3. Install emacs-w32 if you want to use the native Windows GUI instead 
of X11.

4. If you have sshd running and want to be able to run emacs-X11 from a 
remote machine, you need to enable X11 forwarding by adding the 
following line to /etc/sshd_config:

   X11Forwarding yes

You might also need to have the cygserver service running.

5. The script /usr/bin/make-emacs-shortcut can be used to create a 
shortcut for starting emacs.  See /usr/share/doc/emacs/README.Cygwin for 

6. The default font for emacs-w32 is not very attractive in my opinion. 
  See /usr/share/doc/emacs/README.Cygwin for hints as to how to change it.

Ken Brown
Cygwin's emacs maintainer

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