Updated: cygport-

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Thu Mar 5 04:37:00 GMT 2015

I have uploaded a new version of cygport to the Cygwin distribution and
the Fedora/EPEL Cygwin copr.  Highlights in this version:

* A new 'upload' command for package maintainers;

* Split debuginfo symbol files are now compressed, saving considerable
disk space once installed;

* Improved postinstall scripts for TeX packages;

* Another round of improvements to X session launcher shortcut

* Files stored in DISTDIR are unpacked directly from there without
copying them to the working directory first.

Andrew Schulman (1):
      Add upload command

Jon TURNEY (1):
      prepstrip: use --compress-debug-sections

Ken Brown (4):
      texlive: remove references to /usr/share/texmf
      prep_texlive: remove calls to mktexlsr
      prep_texlive: group enable/disable commands in calls to updmap
      prep_texlive: remove calls to fc-cache

Yaakov Selkowitz (14):
      prepstrip: strip crt*.o with cross-toolchain if necessary
      wxWidgets: update for 3.0
      list_deps: ignore /usr/share/help
      font: fix dofontconf with files in subdirectories
      prep_xsessions: set desktop variables usually handled by DM
      prep_xsessions: avoid collisions with dual-arch installations
      prep_xsessions: fix WoW64 detection for cygwin-1.7.34
      gnome2, mate: assure aclocal version matches automake
      cygconf: Minimize configure directory arguments
      toolchain: do not use sysroots for embedded targets
      Use downloaded files directly from DISTDIR
      pkg_upload: syntax fixes, verify setup.hint files
      pkg_upload: check debuginfo
      cygport 0.18.0


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