Updated: perl-5.14.4-3

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Mar 5 19:28:00 GMT 2015

I've promoted the test release to current.  The release notes that
accompanied the test release are enclosed below.


I'm taking over as Perl maintainer from Reini Urban.  Thank you Reini
for the past years of maintining Perl.

This release updates Perl to version 5.14.4 (the final release of 5.14)
and also incorporates a few upstream patches from later Perl versions
(most of which were already applied to the releases bei Reini).  For
x86_64 this is mainly a rebuild with the current toolchain and a change
of packaging, while for i686 this is an actual update from version
5.14.2.  The update is expected to be fully binary compatible on both
architectures, so modules should need no rebuilding.

This release is currently marked as test/experimental and will be
promoted to current in about two weeks.  Therefore you need to select
the new version in setup manually for now.  Please report any unusual
behaviour (or successes!) to the main Cygwin mailing list.


Packaging has been changed to conform to current Cygwin standards and be
identical on both architectures.  The package is provided via cygport.
Perl is now split among these packages:

- perl_base (minimal installation, intended for use by Base packages)
- perl (completes the installation with additional modules)
- perl-debuginfo (replaces perl_debuginfo)
- perl_autorebase (integration with incrmental autorebase)
- perl_manpages (documentation, just the manpages)
- perl_pods (documentation, just the POD files)

It is recommended to install perl_pods, which has formerly been part of
the perl package unless you really need the space or prefer the manpages
over perldoc.

The perl_vendor package (which only exists on i686 anyway) will be
dissolved into individual packages for the Perl modules that comprise it
soon and is no longer part of this release.  For the moment you can
continue using the old package, however.


Perlrebase has been removed.  Instead the EUMM installer will do an
oblivious rebase when not started from cygport.  Perl modules compiled
from cygport will be rebased during installation by Cygwin's setup.
Setup will also properly rebase modules installed into site_perl, so if
you see address collisions (this only happens with some regularity on
i686, on x86_64 auto image base usually does a good job of avoiding that
problem already), simply run setup without making any changes.

The site_perl and vendor_perl directories for older Perl versions
(namely 5.10 and 5.8) are no longer in @INC.  please update your modules
for 5.14 or use local::lib if you still want to use these locations.


The next Perl release will most likely be 5.22, due to be released
upstream in May 2015.  Depending on how fast it stabilizes, a Cygwin
release will follow in summer / autumn.

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