Updated: gettext-

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowitz@cygwin.com
Mon Sep 21 16:41:00 GMT 2015

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* gettext-
* gettext-devel-
* gettext-doc-
* libasprintf0-
* libasprintf-devel-
* libgettextpo0-
* libgettextpo-devel-
* libintl8-
* libintl-devel-

The GNU gettext package provides a set of tools and documentation for
producing multi-lingual messages in programs. Tools include a set of
conventions about how programs should be written to support message
catalogs, a directory and file naming organization for the message
catalogs, a runtime library which supports the retrieval of translated
messages, and stand-alone programs for handling the translatable and the
already translated strings.

This is an update to the latest upstream release:



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