Updated: astyle-2.05.1-1

Chris Sutcliffe ir0nh34d@gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 18:38:00 GMT 2016

Version 2.05.1-1 of "astyle" has been uploaded.

Artistic Style is a reindenter and reformatter of C, C++, C# and Java
source code.


Artistic Style 2.05.1  (December 2014)

- Fix incorrectly reporting files containing disabled formatting as
being formatted.
- Fix incorrect handling of quoted arguments in the options file (#321).
- Fix error in identifying an enum return type as an enumeration (#322, 323).
- Fix error in identifying an enum argument as an enumeration (#327).
- Fix recognition of Qt keywords when used as variables in C++ (#329).
- Fix recognition of a pointer in a C++ cast (#316).
- Fix removing trailing whitespace after a changed pointer or reference cast.

Artistic Style 2.05  (November 2014)

- Add new bracket style option "style=vtk" (#155).
- Add new option "indent-preproc-block" to indent blocks of
preprocessor directives (#21, #114, #229, #242, #294).
- Add new option, "dry-run", to run AStyle without updating the files
(#184, #285).
- Add new options, "html" (-!") and "html=###", to display the HTML
help documentation in the default browser.
- Add tags "*INDENT-OFF*" and "*INDENT_ON*" to disable formatting of
source code blocks (#2, #47, #55, #78, #110, #176).
- Add tag *NOPAD* to disable selected formatting on a single line.
- Add '__attribute__ ((visibility ("default")))' to Linux exported functions.
- Remove option "style=ansi" and make it depreciated (#146).
- Remove fix for broken 'case' statements from release 2.02.1, Nov 21, 2011.
- Improve Korean translation (#256).
- Change shared libraries to include the version number as part of the
file name (#264)
- Change "help" display to stdout to allow piping and redirection (#63).
- Change "version" display to stdout.
- Change headers to include foreach, forever, Q_FOREACH, and Q_FOREVER
(#98, #154).
- Change compiler definition ASTYLE_NO_VCX (no Visual Studio exports)
- Change shared library error handler argument from "char*" to "const char*".
- Fix not recognizing noexcept, interrupt, and autoreleasepool as
pre-command headers (#225, #259).
- Fix formatting of C++11 uniform initializer brackets (#253, #257, #260, #284).
- Fix to not automatically space pad C++11 uniform initializer brackets (#275).
- Fix formatting of enums with leading commas (#159, #179, #270).
- Fix formatting of logical && operator in class initializers (#290).
- Fix flagging a 'const' variable as a 'const' method (#275).
- Fix piping and redirection adding an extra character to the output
(#245, #252, #305).
- Fix "indent-modifiers" to attach class access modifiers to Horstmann
style brackets.
- Fix ASFormatter to correctly recognize the end of a C++ raw string
literal (#261).
- Fix to recognize C++11 "enum class" as an enum (#303).
- Fix indent of C++11 "noexecpt" statements within a class (#260, #304).
- Fix not resetting templateDepth when a template was not found (#295).
- Fix formatting of multiplication in a block paren (#144).
- Fix whitespace padding when formatting an rvalue references (#297).
- Fix to recognize an rvalue reference without a name (#265).
- Fix to not identify an operator overload method as a calculation (#296).
- Fix concatenating multiplication with a pointer dereference (#291).
- Fix recognition of a pointer dereference following a question mark (#213).
- Fix extra space after a trailing reference type (#300).
- Fix _asm blocks not being identified as a block opener and the
variable not cleared on exit (#163).
- Fix indentation of line comments before a "class" opening bracket.
- Fix indentation of line comments before a "namespace" opening bracket.
- Fix isBracketType() method to correctly process a NULL_TYPE.
- Fix unpad-paren to recognize additional variables (#43, #132, #143).
- Fix indentation of C# "let" statements.
- Fix a few omissions with "fill-empty-lines".
- Fix file read to read 64K blocks of data.
- Refactor to un-obfuscate (clarify) the code, and improve design and
  - Extract class Utf8_16 from ASConsole.
  - Replace Linux dependency on iconv with a Utf8_16 class for ASLibrary.
  - Move global "using" statements to the astyle namespace in astyle.h
and ASLocalizer.h.
  - Move shared library declarations from astyle.h to astyle_main.h.
  - Move indentable macros from ASEnhancer to ASResource and create
static pairs.
  - Simplify ASBeautifier procedure to identify the colon (:) type.
  - Major refactoring in ASBeautifier to create separate variables for
an enum, a class statement and a class initializer.
  - This was needed to fix the processing of C++11 uniform
initializers in a class initializer.
  - Minor changes to ASFormatter and ASBeautifier based on results of
the Clang analyzer.
  - Change several methods in astyle_main to "const".


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