Updated: fontforge-20201107p8-1 (test)

Lemures Lemniscati lemures.lemniscati@gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 12:36:35 GMT 2020

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution
(as test):

* fontforge-20201107p8-1
* fontforge-common-20201107p8-1
* fontforge-doc-20201107p8-1
* libfontforge4-20201107p8-1
* libfontforge-devel-20201107p8-1
* python38-fontforge-20201107p8-1

* fontforge-20201107p8-1-src
* fontforge-debuginfo-20201107p8-1

This is an update to the latest upstream release,
which is the Anniversary release with additional bug fixes.

FontForge 20201107 at 7aeed0d93 (8 commits after 20201107)

An outline font editor that lets you create your own postscript, truetype,
opentype, cid-keyed, multi-master, cff, svg and bitmap (bdf, FON, NFNT)
fonts, or edit existing ones. Also lets you convert one format to another.

Home Page: https://fontforge.org/
Source: https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge/tree/7aeed0d936590093c6c4a827c6cd85c60ebabc0f
News: https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge/releases/tag/20201107
  Revised BSD License
  GNU General Public License v3.0
  The Open Group License

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Cygport Source:

Lemures Lemniscati

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