Updated: mintty 3.4.0

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Thu Sep 17 17:07:17 GMT 2020

I have uploaded mintty 3.4.0 with the following changes:

   * Optional tabbar.
   * Supporting new xterm mouse mode with pixel reporting.

Window handling / Tabs
   * Optional tabbar for interactive virtual tabs session switching (#944).
   * Fixed maximised/fullscreen synchronisation among sessions/tabs.
   * Fixed state inconsistencies after minimizing synchronized windows 
(#699, ~#944).

Window handling
   * Fixed offset of saved image.
   * Fixed themes list and interactive theme switching feedback 
   * Support system hotkey for activation in "Quake mode" (#1029).

Mouse handling
   * If ZoomMouse=false, Ctrl+mouse-wheel scrolls by 1 line per notch 
   * Configurable number of scroll lines per mouse wheel notch (#1032).
   * Support mousewheel reporting (e.g. for shell history scrolling) in 
normal screen mode (~#1032).
   * Nudge complete delivery of application scrollbar sequences by delay 

Terminal features
   * Mouse mode 1016 with pixel coordinates (xterm 360).
   * XTPUSHSGR foreground/background changed to 30/31 (xterm 357).
   * Align OSC response terminator (ST or BEL) with request terminator 
(#1028, xterm).
   * Fixed invalid IME cursor colour after OSC 112 "Reset cursor colour" 

   * New option TabBar and command-line option --tabbar (#944).
   * New user-definable functions clear-title, refresh.
   * New option LinesPerMouseWheelNotch (#1032).
   * Option KeyFunctions: flexible specification of modifiers (in any 

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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