Updated: gnuplot-5.4.2-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Jun 12 11:46:13 GMT 2021

Gnuplot version 5.4.2 is now available on Cygwin.  The upstream release
notes for this bugfix / minor feature enhancement release are available


Cygwin Notes

The tutorial has been removed from the 5.4 branch of gnuplot, so it is
no longer available in the package.

The ggi terminal has been dropped from the build.  I am considering
dropping both the gpic and the mif terminal in a further update as well.

The wxt terminal is now available.

The qt terminal still doesn't work on Cygwin due to either a Cygwin or
Qt5 bug that is still under investigation.  If you want to help, please
install the gnuplot-qt5 package and try to debug it.

The packaging has been changed with version 5.4 to allow more
fine-grained control over dependencies.  Depending on which packages you
install running plain "gnuplot" will dispatch different executables via
the alternatives system.

The gnuplot-base package provides no GUI terminal at all and will
replace the gnuplot package unless you chose to install one of the other
feature packages, this variant is always directly available as
gnuplot-base.  This variant is most useful for scripted gnuplot
invocations and for using it interactively in MinTTY with the sixelgd

The gnuplot-X11 package resembles the previous gnuplot package most
closely, the executable for this variant is gnuplot-X11 and depends on a
relatively small number of X11 libraries.

The gnuplot-wx package adds the wxt terminal and retains the X11
terminal.  The executable for this variant is gnuplot-wx and it depends
on an extensive list of GNOME libraries.

The gnuplot-qt package provides the qt terminal and retains the X11
terminal.  The executable for this variant is gnuplot-qt5 and of course
depends on Qt5 libraries.  Please note that while gnuplot-qt5 does
build, the qt terminal does not actually work yet, see above.


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