Updated: openldap-2.5.9-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Mon Nov 1 20:12:33 GMT 2021

The openldap package in Cygwin has been updated to the latest upstream
version 2.5.9 (a minor bugfix release).


The 2.5.x version branch changes the library ABI.  Packages linked
against an earlier libldap ABI need to be recompiled to use this new

Upstream has removed the two database backends that worked at least
partially on Cygwin.  Since they don't support Cygwin (and indeed might
drop the Win32 port at some point), the openldap-server package has been

This is likely tha last 2.5.x release for Cygwin, the next Cygwin
release will likely be 2.6.1.  The release notes linked to below point
to the 2.6.0 version, which was released upstream in parallel.



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