Updated: regina-rexx-3.9.4-1

Mark Hessling mark.rexx.org@gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 05:17:42 GMT 2021

The Regina Rexx interpreter package in Cygwin has been updated to the latest upstream
version 3.9.4; a minor bugfix release from 3.9.3, but a significant update from the 
last Cygwin release of 3.8.2.

Updated packages are:
- regina-rexx-3.9.4-1 - runtime binaries, demos and documentation
- libregina-3.9.4-1 - runtime library
- libregina-devel-3.9.4-1 - development files

Regina Rexx is an ANSI compliant Rexx Interpreter intended as a standalone programming 
tool or as an embedded macro language.
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