Updated: man-db-2.9.4-2

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sat Nov 27 17:42:01 GMT 2021

The man-db package is re-released as 2.9.4-2, the latest upstream
version.  This release works around a Windows bug that causes creation
of a spurious directory %SystemDrive% in the Cygwin installation root.

Man-db is an implementation of the standard Unix documentation system
accessed using the man command. It uses a Berkeley DB database in place
of the traditional flat-text whatis databases.

Cygwin Notes

The man-db package includes a conditional perpetual postinstall script
that keeps the database updated each time setup is run if (and only if)
the database exists.  This update now runs in the background by default,
so setup is no longer waiting for the update to complete.  This can be
changed if needed, see below.  The diagnostic output from the update is
stored at /var/log/mandb-index.log, so you can check if there were
problems on the last update.

In order to create the database directly via setup, please install the
man-db-create-index package.  The removal of this package will not
remove an existing database, this still needs to be done manually if

If your installation procedure requires that setup waits for the index
update to complete, install the man-db-index-synchronously package
instead.  The creation of a new database can take several minutes to
over an hour depending on how many manual pages are installed and how
fast your filesystem is.  Removal of this package will leave an existing
database in place, but switches the system back to do background

If you install "everything" that means both the above mentioned helper
packages get installed and the first installation will take a long time
as setup will wait for the newly created index to be complete.


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