cygfuse 3.2.0-2

Mark Geisert
Sun Apr 3 06:48:03 GMT 2022

The following package has been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygfuse-3.2.0-2

This is a Cygwin interface to Windows FUSE providers.  FUSE is File System
In Userspace, a protocol that allows mounting local or remote file folders
as virtual filesystems within the Cygwin environment.

Cygfuse supplies an emulation of Linux libfuse/libfuse3.  It allows FUSE
clients such as sshfs, memfs, ftpfs, etc to make use of certain FUSE
providers implemented for Windows.

At this time WinFSP is the only Windows FUSE provider supported.  Information
about WinFSP can be found at <>.

This package supplies libraries and include files for porting or coding
FUSE clients.  In order for them to function, a Windows FUSE provider must
also be installed on your system.  Download the installer for WinFSP from, run it, choose Custom Setup, select Core (other
features are supplied by cygfuse).

Please send questions or concerns to the main Cygwin mailing list as usual.


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