Security update: Git v2.35.3-1

Adam Dinwoodie
Thu Apr 14 13:01:21 GMT 2022

Version 2.35.3-1 of Git has been uploaded and should be coming soon to a
mirror near you.

This is an update to the latest upstream release; it contains two fixes,
one improving the security of yesterday's security fix for
CVE-2022-24765, and one improving the usability of that fix:

> * The code that was meant to parse the new ``
>   configuration variable was not checking what configuration
>   variable was being fed to it, which has been corrected.
> * '*' can be used as the value for the `` variable to
>   signal that the user considers that any directory is safe.

This update includes the following patches:

- git
- git-cvs
- git-debuginfo
- git-email
- git-gui
- gitk
- git-p4
- git-svn

As ever, the full upstream changelogs are available with the source package, or


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