Updated: {,mingw64-{i686,x86_64}-}binutils-2.39-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Aug 21 12:53:17 GMT 2022

The binutils packages for Cygwin and MingW64 cross-compilation
toolchains have been updated to the upstream feature release 2.39, with
additional patches applied to remove upstream changes that are
incompatible with Cygwin.


The GNU Binutils are a collection of binary tools.  Most of these
programs use BFD, the Binary File Descriptor library, to do low-level
manipulation. Many of them also use the opcodes library to assemble and
disassemble machine instructions.


This release still allows one to apparently use weak symbols (depending
on exactly how you test for them), which however don't actually work on
Windows nor Cygwin as they are unsupported by the loader.  These symbols
should always resolve as NULL, but since release 2.37 they sometimes


After further changes and bugfixes in this area a workaround that was
identified earlier no longer has the desired effect and investigation
into the real root cause is still ongoing.

This change in behaviour triggered a latent bug in gnulib's detection of
weak symbols for pthreads that leads to non-debuggable crashes of
applications erroneously built with weak symbols. Either update gnulib
(or at least threadlib.m4) or add

export gl_cv_have_weak=no

to the cygport (or set it as an environment variable during configure).


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