cygwin 3.3.4-1

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Jan 31 12:04:59 GMT 2022

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygwin-3.3.4-1
* cygwin-devel-3.3.4-1
* cygwin-doc-3.3.4-1


- Cygwin 3.3 is the LAST major version supporting

  - Windows Vista
  - Windows Server 2008

- Cygwin 3.3 is the LAST major version supporting 32 bit installations.

  If you're using 32 bit Cygwin in WOW64 on 64 bit machines, consider
  to move to a real 64 bit Cygwin installation in the next couple of

  If you're using 32 bit Cygwin on real 32 bit hardware or on WOW64 on
  ARM64, don't be alarmed.  The current installations including all
  Cygwin 3.3.x versions will continue to run on your system.  You just
  wont get any more updates starting with Cygwin 3.4.0.

- Cygwin 3.4, which will probably be release at some point in 2022,
  will be the LAST version supporting

  - Windows 7
  - Windows Server 2008 R2
  - Windows 8
  - Windows Server 2012

There are no plans to deprecate support for 64 bit systems starting with
Windows 8.1 / Windows Server 2012 R2 any time soon.


Bug Fixes

- Fix a bug in fhandler_dev_clipboard::read() that the second read
  fails with 'Bad address'.

- Convert UNC path prefix back to drive letter in symlink_info::check().
  This solves the following issues:

- Fix a bug in pty code that input is wrongly sent to io_handle_nat
  rather than io_handle while neither read() nor select() is called
  after the cygwin app is started from non-cygwin app.

- Avoid a crash when NtQueryInformationProcess returns invalid handle data.

- Ignore INHERIT ACEs when reading the DACL of non-directory files.

- Fix an "Invalid argument" problem in posix_spawn on i686.

- Fix handling of AAAA records in Cygwin resolver code using native
  windows calls.  Also fix various bugs in the resolver.

- Fix a problem creating a dir "foo", if a file (but not a Cygwin symlink)
  "foo.lnk" already exists.

- Fix double free for archetype, which is caused when open() fails.

- Fix a permission problem when writing DOS attributes on Samba.

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