Cygwin x86 end-of-life

Jon Turney
Fri Nov 25 18:45:16 GMT 2022

On 11/11/2022 15:50, Jon Turney wrote:
> As has previously been announced, Cygwin is dropping support for x86 
> Windows. Cygwin 3.3.6 is the final version supporting x86 (32-bit) 
> Windows, and the forthcoming Cygwin 3.4 will be released for x86_64 only.
> Concurrent with that, updates to x86 packages will be stopped, and the 
> Cygwin x86 package repository will be archived.
> (Instructions on the special steps needed to install from that archive 
> will be forthcoming, once we've worked out what they are.)

To install the last cygwin version for x86, run setup using the options 
'--allow-unsupported-windows option --site circa_URL', where circa_URL 
can be one of:

* The URL for any sourceware mirror[1], followed by cygwin-archive/20221123


Thanks to the Cygwin Time Machine for providing this archive.

These instructions have also been added at [2]

[1] Note that not all cygwin mirrors [3] also carry a full mirror of 
sourceware (but the list at [4] is believed to be sadly incomplete)

> If you're using x86 Cygwin under WOW64 on a 64-bit Windows OS, please 
> strongly consider moving to an x86_64 Cygwin installation.
> (If you have ARM hardware, we believe that x86_64 Cygwin works correctly 
> using the x86_64 emulation in Windows 11)
> If you're one of the tiny percentage of Cygwin users using x86 Cygwin on 
> a real x86 Windows OS, don't panic! The current installation will 
> continue to run on your system. You just won't get any more updates.

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