Updated: man-pages-linux 6.01

Cygwin Linux Man Pages Maintainer Brian.Inglis@SystematicSW.ab.ca
Sat Oct 22 19:40:41 GMT 2022

The following package has been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* man-pages-linux	6.01

Documents the Linux kernel system calls and C library interfaces used
by programs, plus system and administrative utilities, devices, file
system, file, and data formats, and related information.

For more information, see the project home page:


You may also search and read the pages online:


although the latest release may not yet be available. 

Release 6 added some section 2 and 3 pages suffixed by const, head,
or type installed in the base section directory.

As Cygwin has its own man pages with some conflicts, these man pages
are installed under /usr/share/man/linux/, so by default searching
or viewing these pages requires the option:

	$ apropos -m|--systems linux ...
	$ man -m|--systems linux ...

Cygwin man pages are under the default system "man", so for convenience
both systems may be specified separated by comma e.g.

	$ man -m man,linux ...

The path or option may also be added explicitly to a users MANPATH or
alias e.g.

	$ export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/share/man/linux

	$ alias apropos='apropos -m man,linux'
	$ alias man='man -m man,linux'

Add -a to show both Cygwin and Linux manual pages if present, or swap
the order to prioritize Linux.

For recent changes, please see below, or after installation read

man-pages-6.01	2022-10-18

Global changes

* Manual pages' sections:

- Title (.TH):

  - Remove the hardcoded date (TH 3rd argument), and replace it by a
    placeholder that should be changed when creating the tarball.
    This removes the need for a tstamp commit before each release.

* Build system:

- Update manual page dates (TH 3rd argument) when creating the tarball
  with 'make dist'.  this removes the need for a tstamp commit before
  each release.

- Don't print spurious errors from the Makefile that are not relevant.

Changes to individual pages

The manual pages (and other files in the repository) have been improved
beyond what this changelog covers.

New and rewritten pages

* EOF.3const

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

* fanotify_mark.2

* open.2, statx.2

* feature_test_macros.7

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