Updated: openldap-2.6.6-1

ASSI Stromeko@nexgo.de
Wed Aug 2 19:54:24 GMT 2023

The openldap package in Cygwin has been updated to the latest upstream
version 2.6.6.



Upstream has removed the two database backends that worked at least
partially on Cygwin.  Since they don't support Cygwin (and indeed ponder
to drop the Win32 port at some point), the openldap-server package has
been removed.

Upstream has changed the SONAME versioning scheme after 17 years to
align with the fact that actually all 2.x releases were ABI compatible
and not changing ABI with each release.  Packages for libopenldap2_4_2
and libopenldap2_5_0 are thus provided to replace the previously
separate libraries for the older release versions (so older packages are
automatically using the newer library).  Packages depending on these
need not be recompiled, but package maintainers should check that any
rebuilt packages are using the new libopenldap2 package as a dependency.


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