Updated: man-pages-linux 6.05.01-2

Cygwin Linux Man Pages Maintainer Brian.Inglis@Shaw.ca
Mon Aug 7 02:26:31 GMT 2023

The following package has been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* man-pages-linux	6.05.01-2

This updated Cygwin release includes the pdf book of man pages,
which was released late because of generation issues.

Documents the Linux kernel system calls and C library interfaces used
by programs, plus system and administrative utilities, devices, file
system, file, and data formats, and related information.

For more information, see the project home page:


As Cygwin has its own man pages with some conflicts, these man pages are
installed under /usr/share/man/man-pages-linux/, so by default searching
or viewing these pages requires the option:

	$ apropos -m|--systems man-pages-linux ...
	$ man -m|--systems man-pages-linux ...

Cygwin man pages are under the default system "man", so for convenience
both systems may be specified separated by comma e.g.

	$ man -m man,man-pages-linux ...

The path or option may also be added explicitly to a users MANPATH or
alias e.g.

	$ export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/share/man/man-pages-linux

	$ alias apropos='apropos -m man,man-pages-linux'
	$ alias man='man -m man,man-pages-linux'

Add -a to show both Cygwin and Linux (and POSIX if companion package
man-pages-posix is also installed) manual pages.

For convenience and backward compatibility /usr/share/man/linux is
provided as a symlink. 

If you prefer to see Linux man pages over Cygwin man pages, then use
-m|--systems linux in the examples above, or add -m linux to a command.

Release 6 added some section 2 and 3 pages suffixed by const, head,
or type installed in the base section directories.

For recent changes, please see below, or after installation read

man-pages	6.05.01		2023-08-01

New and rewritten pages

- man2/	ioctl_pipe.2
- man3/	regex.3
- man5/	erofs.5

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

- bpf.2			EAGAIN
- ioctl_userfaultfd.2	UFFD_FEATURE_EXACT_ADDRESS
- prctl.2		PR_GET_AUXV
- syscall.2		ENOSYS
- resolv.conf.5		no-aaaa
- rtnetlink.7		IFLA_PERM_ADDRESS

New and changed links

- man3type/
	regex_t.3type		(regex(3))
	regmatch_t.3type	(regex(3))
	regoff_t.3type		(regex(3))

Global changes

-  Types:
   -  Document functions using off64_t as if they used off_t (except
      for lseek64()).

-  Formatting:
   -  use `\%`
   -  un-bracket tbl(1) tables

-  Licenses:
   -  Relicense ddp.7 from VERBATIM_ONE_PARA to Linux-man-pages-copyleft.
   -  Relicense dir_colors.5 from LDPv1 to GPL-2.0-or-later.
   -  Use new SPDX license identifiers:
      -  Linux-man-pages-1-para                 (was VERBATIM_ONE_PARA)
      -  Linux-man-pages-copyleft-2-para        (was VERBATIM_TWO_PARA)
      -  Linux-man-pages-copyleft-var           (was VERBATIM_PROF)

-  Build system:
   -  Ignore dot-dirs within $MANDIR	(6.05.01)
   -  Keep file modes in the release tarball.
   -  Fix symlink installation (`make install LINK_PAGES=symlink`).
   -  Add support for using bzip2(1), lzip(1), and xz(1) when installing
      pages and creating release tarballs.
   -  Create reproducible release tarballs.
   -  Move makefiles from lib/ to share/mk/.
   -  Support mdoc(7) pages.
   -  Relicense Makefiles as GPL-3.0-or-later.
   -  Build PostScript and PDF manual pages.
   -  Add support for running our build system on arbitrary source
      trees; this makes it possible to easily run our linters on another
      project's manual pages as easily as `make lint MANDIR=~/src/groff`

Changes to individual pages

- The manual pages (and other files in the repository) have been
  improved beyond what this changelog covers. To learn more about
  changes applied to individual pages, use git(1).

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