Updated: vttest 20230201

Cygwin vttest Maintainer Brian.Inglis@Shaw.ca
Sat Feb 11 18:27:30 GMT 2023

The following package has been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* vttest    20230201

Tests the functionality of a VT100 terminal (or emulator thereof).
Tests both display (escape sequence handling) and keyboard.
The program is menu-driven and contains full operating instructions.
To run a given menu-item, you enter its number. You can run all
menu-items (for a given level) by entering an asterisk, i.e, '*'.

It has been enhanced to support and test many xterm control and status
escape sequences, and it is mainly used nowadays for testing emulator

See the project home page for more information:


Please see below or read /usr/share/doc/vttest/CHANGES after installation
for details of changes since the last Cygwin release.


20230201 changes:

* reduce compiler-warnings in configure-checks

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