Updated: man-pages-linux 6.03

Cygwin Linux Man Pages Maintainer Brian.Inglis@Shaw.ca
Tue Feb 21 02:48:29 GMT 2023

The following package has been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* man-pages-linux	6.03

Documents the Linux kernel system calls and C library interfaces used
by programs, plus system and administrative utilities, devices, file
system, file, and data formats, and related information.

For more information, see the project home page:


You may also search and read the pages online:


although the latest release may not yet be available. 
A new updated site may be announced in a future release.

The previous releases named the directory linux, but this was searched
before Cygwin man pages, leading to unexpected results in most cases.
>From this release the directory used is man-pages-linux, and linux is
provided as a convenience backward compatibility symlink. 
If you prefer to see Linux man pages over Cygwin man pages, then use
-m|--systems linux in the examples below, or add -m linux to a command.

As Cygwin has its own man pages with some conflicts, these man pages are
installed under /usr/share/man/man-pages-linux/, so by default searching
or viewing these pages requires the option:

	$ apropos -m|--systems man-pages-linux ...
	$ man -m|--systems man-pages-linux ...

Cygwin man pages are under the default system "man", so for convenience
both systems may be specified separated by comma e.g.

	$ man -m man,man-pages-linux ...

The path or option may also be added explicitly to a users MANPATH or
alias e.g.

	$ export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/share/man/man-pages-linux

	$ alias apropos='apropos -m man,man-pages-linux'
	$ alias man='man -m man,man-pages-linux'

Add -a to show both Cygwin and Linux (and POSIX if companion package
man-pages-posix is also installed) manual pages.

Release 6 added some section 2 and 3 pages suffixed by const, head,
or type installed in the base section directories.

For recent changes, please see below, or after installation read

man-pages-6.03		2023-02-12

Global changes

* Build system:
  - Add scripts to produce a book of the Linux man-pages.
  - Add lint-c-cppcheck to the make(1) targets to run the cppcheck(1)

* TH:
  - Use correct letter case in page titles. This started in 6.02, but
    there were still many cases left.

  - Mark some functions as deprecated.

  - Remove most references to ISO C89.  We still document it in
    standards(7), but it's an ancient language version that this project
    regards as obsolescent, so in the STANDARDS sections for APIs we
    only take into account C99 and later and POSIX.1-2001 and later
    (with few exceptions where older standards are relevant).

* ffix:
  - Change \- to - where appropriate
  - Improve readability of numbers:
    - Show BCD magic numbers that are meaningful in hex as hex,
       rather than weird decimal numbers.
    - Use IEC multipliers.
  - Format ranges consistently using interval notation: [min, max].

* srcfix:
  - Use \[] escapes.

Changes to individual pages

* timespec.3type
	Update tv_nsec according to C2x.

The manual pages (and other files in the repository) have been improved
beyond what this changelog covers.  To learn more about changes applied
to individual pages, use git(1).

New and rewritten pages

* man3/

* man3head/

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

* perf_event_open.2

	struct perf_event_attr::build_id
	struct perf_event_attr::inherit_thread
	struct perf_event_attr::remove_on_exec
	struct perf_event_attr::sigtrap
	struct perf_event_attr::aux_sample_size
	struct perf_event_attr::sig_data

	union perf_sample_weight

	struct read_format::values[]::lost


	struct:: ::build_id_size
	struct:: ::build_id

* prctl.2

New and changed links

* man3/
	arc4random_buf.3			(arc4random(3))
	arc4random_uniform.3			(arc4random(3))
	register_printf_modifier.3		(printf.h(3head))
	register_printf_specifier.3		(printf.h(3head))
	register_printf_type.3			(printf.h(3head))

* man3const/
	PA_CHAR.3const				(printf.h(3head))
	PA_DOUBLE.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLAG_LONG.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLAG_LONG_DOUBLE.3const		(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLAG_LONG_LONG.3const		(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLAG_PTR.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLAG_SHORT.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_FLOAT.3const				(printf.h(3head))
	PA_INT.3const				(printf.h(3head))
	PA_LAST.3const				(printf.h(3head))
	PA_POINTER.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_STRING.3const			(printf.h(3head))
	PA_WCHAR.3const				(printf.h(3head))
	PA_WSTRING.3const			(printf.h(3head))

* man3type/
	printf_arginfo_size_function.3type	(printf.h(3head))
	printf_function.3type			(printf.h(3head))
	printf_info.3type			(printf.h(3head))
	printf_va_arg_function.3type		(printf.h(3head))

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