Updated: unifont, unifont-fonts, unifont-viewer 15.0.05

Cygwin unifont Maintainer Brian.Inglis@Shaw.ca
Mon Jun 5 05:45:10 GMT 2023

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* unifont		15.0.05
* unifont-viewer	15.0.05
* unifont-fonts		15.0.05

GNU Unifont is a Unicode font with a glyph for every visible
Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane code point and more, with supporting
utilities to modify the font. The Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane
covers the first 64K Unicode code points.


This is the last Unifont major release which will include Truetype
format Unifont by default.
It is the first Cygwin major release which also includes Opentype
format Unifont.
As these fonts are bitmap glyphs rendered into modern font formats, both
formats should render the same glyphs.
All modern systems support both Opentype and Truetype format fonts, so
there should be few or no issues if future releases provide only
Opentype format Unifont, which are also less than half the file size of
the Truetype format.
If anyone encounters issues using the Opentype format Unifont in place
of the Truetype format Unifont, please let us know before the next major
release, so we can address any issues, or possibly continue to also
provide the Truetype format Unifont.

For more information see the project home page:


For recent changes, see below or read /usr/share/doc/unifont/NEWS after

See also Release Notes under:


2023-06-03	15.0.05

* New Hangul Syllables block (U+AC00..U+D7A3) contributed by Minseo Lee.
  Generated with his modifications of three combining patterns in the
  johab2ucs2 Perl script.
* Modified U+5829 and U+6FF9 Chinese glyphs.

2023-05-28	15.0.04

* Adjustments to Greek and Coptic letters.
* Adjustments to two heart glyphs.
* Added Engsvanáli (U+E100..U+E14F) CSUR glyphs.

2023-05-21	15.0.03

* Fixed a typo in src/Makefile that could affect "make install".
* Install unifont_all.hex in $(PKGDEST) directory.

2023-05-20	15.0.02

* N.B.: This is the last planned version to build TrueType font files as
  part of the standard font build with
       make BUILDFONT=1
  In the future, only OpenType font files will be part of the ordinary
  font building using the hex2otf program.
  TrueType fonts will have to be built manually using:
	cd font
	make truetype
* Minor update to allow for separate building of TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  This is in preparation for the future removal of TrueType font files
  from default font builds, in preference for OpenType font files.
  That change is planned for the release of Unifont 15.1.01, which will
  correspond to the release of the Unicode 15.1.0 standard scheduled for
  September 2023.
* Added Doxygen annotation to C programs and corresponding ".h" header files.
  Annotated output is generated in a new "doxygen" subdirectory.
  Doxygen output consists of a browsable set of HTML pages and a
  hyperlinked PDF document.
* Updates to make files to fix issues with redundant building under some
* Added 196 Plane 2 and Plane 3 Chinese ideographs drawn by 湖 远星 to
  the basic Unifont font files for coverage of the General Standard
  Chinese Characters set.
  Also added biang glyphs drawn by Ming Fan.
* Fullwidth CJK characters that appeared to be boldface in the range
  U+FF00..U+FFEF were updated using glyphs from Wen Quan Yi, with some

2022-09-13	15.0.01

* Update for Unicode 15.0.0 release.
* "make install" now installs Unifont OpenType font files in the same
  directory as TrueType fonts by default.
  The intention is to remove TrueType fonts file from the "install"
  target for the Unicode 16.0.0 release unless there is a reason to keep
* Existing Unicode scripts in Unifont maintain complete coverage.
* Under ConScript Unicode Registry (UCSUR) scripts added:
  - U+E1D0..U+E1FF Syai
  - U+E360..U+E37F Sarkai
  - U+ED80..U+EDAF Iranic.
* New Unicode 15.0.0 Plane 1 scripts:
  - U+10EFD..U+10EFF Arabic Extended-C
  - U+11B00..U+11B5F Devanagari Extended-A
  - U+11F00..U+11F5F Kawi
  - U+1D2C0..U+1D2DF Kaktovik Numerals
  - U+1E030..U+1E08F Cyrillic Exntended-D
  - U+1E4D0..U+1E4FF Nag Mundari.

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