cygport 0.36.1-1

Jon Turney
Sat Mar 11 16:29:28 GMT 2023

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cygport-0.36.1-1

cygport is the standard method for building and maintaining
packages for the Cygwin distribution.

Highlights of this release:

cygport now warns if building on a case-insensitive filesystem.  Add a 
new RESTRICT which makes that an error.

Jon Turney (6):
       Report an error when SRC_URI has no basename
       Add RESTRICT 'case-insensitive'
       src_postinst: Improve X session shortcut folder naming
       Improve error if CATEGORY or SUMMARY isn't set
       src_postinstall: fix $PKG[0] == $PN assumption
       Bump version to 0.36.1

Ken Brown (1):
       texlive.cygclass: remove references to i386-cygwin

Stuart Caie (1):
       src_postinst: Avoid an infinite loop in __prep_libtool_modules

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