Updated: mintty 3.6.5

Thomas Wolff towo@towo.net
Sun Sep 3 11:25:47 GMT 2023

I have uploaded mintty 3.6.5 with the following changes:

Pathname handling
   * Fix file link detection (#1208), tweak URL detection (#1209).
   * Restore opening of Windows path names (#1219; broken since 2.8.1).

Terminal features
   * Fix setup of initial status line if monitor DPI is 96.
   * ESC/Enter restore alphanumeric keyboard input mode while IME is 
active (#1223).
   * OSC 50 query response is "?" after font setting failed.
   * Fix DECRQCRA Rectangular Checksum attribute handling.
   * Added DECSACE to DECRQSS (xterm 383).
   * Indicate keyboard layout code in status line.
   * Fix image display (iTerm2 protocol) in "Sixel display mode".
   * New DECSET 7780 "Image display mode" to keep cursor position on 
image output (#1228).
   * New parameter doNotMoveCursor for iTerm2-style image output (#1228).

Window handling
   * Revamp window operations, esp max/fullscreen, to not raise to 
   * Group taskbar icons by setting -o Class (#1207).
   * Handling transparency in tab sets (#1152, #1069, ~#1128).
   * Workaround against dropping fullscreen on DPI change (#1226).
   * Preserve "normal position" (unzoomed) during screen changes (~#1226).

   * New user-definable function compose (#1211).
   * New option setting ComposeKey=capslock (#1211).
   * New option ConfirmReset to guard confirm dialog on interactive 
reset (#1173).
   * Support changed Drag-and-drop format for some theme file downloads.
   * New option KeyAlphaMode (#1223).
   * New option -Rw to report the Windows window id.
   * New option StatusDebug to include debug information in the status line.

The homepage is at http://mintty.github.io/
It also links to the issue tracker.


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