Updated: wget2, libwget2_2, libwget2-devel 2.1

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis@Shaw.ca
Tue Sep 12 13:56:30 GMT 2023

The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* wget2			2.1
* libwget2_2		2.1
* libwget2-devel	2.1

wget2 is the official stable release of the successor of wget:
a modern, fast, multithreaded, parallel file and recursive website
downloader using HTTP2, HTTP compression, parallel connections, and
If-Modified-Since HTTP headers.

It is a replacement only for the HTTP functions of the original wget,
as it does not support FTP or other protocols, and no longer supports
some of the options of its predecessor, but supports many new features
and options.

The library provides the basic functions needed by a modern web client,
and the development package provides the documentation and linkage
required to use the library, configure, and build packages using it.
The library ABI has been upgraded to version 2 in cygwget-2.dll.

For more information, see the project home page:


For changes since the previous Cygwin release, see below or the release


2.1.0	2023-08-31

* New option --follow-sitemaps
* New option --dane (cert validation via DNS)
* Implement --check-certificate=quiet
* Support proxies on non-default ports
* Added CIDR support for no_proxy (IPv4 and IPv6)
* Improve recursive RSS/Atom processing
* Improve default cert/bundle paths for Windows
* Improve Windows and MSVC compatibility
* Use CONNECT for https_proxy
* Add decoding numeric XML entities
* Improve OpenSSL code
* Improve WolfSSL code
* Improve the progress bar
* New function wget_xml_decode_entities_inline()
* Support compilation of wget.h from C++
* Handle comments in robots.txt correctly
* Fix parsing HTMP/XML entities in URLs from HTML/XML
* Fix use-after-free when updating blacklist entries
* Don't try setting file timestamps on ttys
* Fix arguments parsing for --filter-urls
* Fix removing fragments when converting links
* Fix duplicate downloads for Link headers with rel=duplicate
* Fix segmentation fault (NULL dereference when no HTTP header received)
* Change arguments of wget_iri_compare to const
* Fix memory leak in wget_hashmap_clear()
* Extend network error messages with hostname and IP address
* Fix status code for 5xx errors
* Fix issue in wget_buffer_trim()
* Improve tests, documentation, building

2.0.1	2022-05-27

* Fix escaping space in query part
* Set EXIT_STATUS_NETWORK on error for the last try
* Fix -k/--convert-links fragment
* Fix escapng URLs with -k/--convert-links
* Fix false reporting of a PSL error
* Fix --directory-prefix with --content-disposition
* Allow spaces and \ escaping in passwords in .netrc
* Fix download abortion on some versions of Windows
* Fix --unlink behavior
* Fix deflate decompression when server omits the header
* WolfSSL: Fix buffer overflow in SHA512 hashing
* WolfSSL: Fix memory leak
* Add support for unquoted HTML attribute values
* OpenSSL: Fix several OCSP issues
* Use keep-alive for HTTP/1.1 and higher as default
* Don't create core dumps on CTRL-c
* Fix replacing Content-Type: headers
* Fix NULL pointer read / segfault
* Fix several build issues
* Fix several documentation issues

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