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Wed Jun 26 14:35:00 GMT 2002

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2002-06-26 14:35:17

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog IniDBBuilder.h 
	                 aclocal.m4 configure 
	        ini.h inilex.l 
	                 list.h package_meta.h 
	                 package_version.h res.rc 
Added files:
	.              : PackageSpecification.h 

Log message:
	(IniDBBuilderPackage::process_src): Streamline and split out
	(IniDBBuilderPackage::setSourceSize): From process_src.
	* IniDBBuilderPackage.h: Declare the changes.
	(IniDBBuilderPackage::currentSpec): Track the in-progress specifiation.
	(IniDBBuilderPackage::currentOrList): Track the current Or list.
	(IniDBBuilderPackage::currentAndList): Track the current And list.
	* (IniParseFeedback::progress): Provide completion          progress on parsing.
	(IniParseFeedback::iniName): Tell what ini filename we are currently
	* IniParseFeedback.h: Declare changes.
	* (IniParseFindVisitor::IniParseFindVisitor):
	Make the feedback object non-const to allow mutating methods which are
	needed when the object has state.
	(IniParseFindVisitor::visitFile): Tell the caller the name of each
	.ini found.
	Initialise the parser with the feedback object to allow it to tell of
	* IniParseFindVisitor.h: Declare changes.
	* (inilinst_SOURCES): Add more requisite classes.
	(setup_SOURCES): Add the new PackageSpecification sources.
	* (ScanFindVisitor::visitFile): Use the new
	builder syntax to setup binary package details.
	* Use the LogSingleton calls throughout.
	* Create the INILINT substitution correctly for recent
	autotool configurations.
	* (cygpackage::getfirstfile): Return an empty String              rather than a string built from an int. Thanks to Pavel Tsekov for              identifying the bug.
	(cygpackage::getnextfile): Ditto.
	* Use LogSIngletion calls throughout.
	(validateCachedPackage): A refactoring of the
	check_for_cached code to eliminate duplciation.
	(check_for_cached): Use validateCachedPackage to check packages.
	* (GuiParseFeedback): Provide gui feedback on ini name and
	parsing progress.
	(do_remote_ini): Ditto.
	* ini.h (ini_init): Pass a IniParseFeedback to the parser, to allow
	progress reporting.
	* inilex.l: Identify new symbols - operators, and multi line plain text.        Releases files.
	* (show_help): Provide basic infomation on inilint.
	* iniparse.y: Adjust for the new builder syntax, and process debian
	Release files.
	* Always include mkdir.h.
	* list.h: Factor index location into a private routine.
	(list::findindex): Implement this.
	* (mkdir_p): Make the use of WIN32 code conditional on mingw
	builds. NB: This breaks cygwin build functionality still.
	* Use the LogSingleton calls throughout.
	(packagemeta::set_requirements): Adjust for object changes in
	* package_meta.h (packagemeta::packagemeta): Initialise new members.
	(packagemeta::architecture): What platform does this package run on?            This may need to move in the future to a per packagefile object.
	(packagemeta::priority): What priority does this package have?
	* package_source.h (packagesource::packagesource): Initialise new
	(packagesource::installedSize): How much space does the package need?
	(packagesource::setInstalledSize): Tell the amount.
	(packagesource::_installedSize): And store it.
	* (packageversion::sourcePackage): return the                source package.
	(packageversion::setSourcePackage): And set it.
	* package_version.h: Declare the changes.
	(packageversion::depends): New package specification AND list.                  (packageversion::predepends): Ditto.
	(packageversion::recommends): Ditto.
	(packageversion::suggests): Ditto.                                              (packageversion::replaces): Ditto.
	(packageversion::conflicts): Ditto.
	(packageversion::provides): Ditto.
	(packageversion::sourcePackage): What source package is needed?
	* (ThreeBarProgressPage::SetText4): Set the label beside
	the bottom bar.
	* threebar.h: Declare the change.
	2002-06-27  John Marshall  <>
	* res.rc (SETUPINI_MISSING): Make trailing spaces visible.
	* (SitePage::OnMessageCmd): Ditto


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