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Thu Mar 13 12:28:00 GMT 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2003-03-13 12:28:12

Modified files:
	zlib           : ChangeLog FAQ INDEX Makefile 
	                 Makefile.riscos README adler32.c algorithm.txt 
	                 compress.c crc32.c deflate.c deflate.h 
	                 descrip.mms example.c gzio.c infblock.c 
	                 infblock.h infcodes.c infcodes.h inffast.c 
	                 inffast.h inflate.c inftrees.c inftrees.h 
	                 infutil.c infutil.h maketree.c minigzip.c 
	                 trees.c uncompr.c zconf.h zlib.3 zlib.h zutil.c 
	zlib/amiga     : 
	zlib/contrib   : README.contrib 
	zlib/contrib/asm386: gvmat32.asm zlibvc.dsp 
	zlib/contrib/delphi: zlib.mak 
	zlib/contrib/delphi2: d_zlib.bpr zlib.bpr zlib32.bpr 
	zlib/contrib/iostream: zfstream.cpp zfstream.h 
	zlib/contrib/minizip: ChangeLogUnzip miniunz.c minizip.c 
	                      readme.txt unzip.c unzip.h zip.c zip.h 
	zlib/contrib/untgz: makefile.w32 untgz.c 
	zlib/msdos     : Makefile.b32 Makefile.bor Makefile.dj2 
	                 Makefile.emx Makefile.msc 
	                 Makefile.w32 Makefile.wat 
	zlib/nt        : Makefile.emx Makefile.gcc Makefile.nt 
	zlib/os2       : Makefile.os2 

Log message:
	Revert accidental loss of end-of-line whitespace from 2000-04-01 commit, to ease merging with upstream sources.


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