setup ChangeLog
Wed Apr 2 14:26:00 GMT 2003

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2003-04-02 14:26:27

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 

Log message:
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	Merge in setup-200303-troubleshooting fixes.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Reinstate commented code.
	(NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity): Ditto.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Use MS calculations for ACL
	buffer sizing.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Sanity check memory allocation.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Adjust commented code for auto_ptr use.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::NoteFailedAPI): Helper function.
	Use throughout NTSecurity routines.
	(NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Use dynamic memory for ACL storage.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Disable ~ 50% of remaining active code.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::GroupInfo): Extract group query code.
	(NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Disable ~ 50% of code.
	2003-04-02  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity): Disable ~ 50% of security code.
	2003-04-01  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity): Remove double declaration of sz.
	User TokenGroupCollection to abstract token searching logic, eliminate isadmin
	and isuser temporary variables.
	(TokenGroupCollection): New class for querying token group information.
	2003-04-01  Robert Collins  <>
	* (NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity): Extract esid initialisation.
	Move local variables to just before first use.
	SetTokenInformationFailures where being handled inconsistently.
	Remove assignments from if statements.
	(NTSecurity::esid): Rename to everyOneSID.
	(NTSecurity::initialiseEveryOneSID): new method.
	(NTSecurity::setDefaultDACL): Extract method for default DACL logic.
	2003-04-01  Robert Collins  <>
	* (SIDWrapper): Manage SID memory.
	(HANDLEWrapper): Likewise for HANDLES.
	(NTSecurity): Worker class for set_default_sec().
	(set_default_sec): Move body into NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity().
	(NTSecurity::setDefaultSecurity): Eliminate goto out: via memory managing objects.


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