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Wed Aug 18 22:42:00 GMT 2004

CVSROOT:	/cvs/cygwin-apps
Module name:	setup
Changes by:	2004-08-18 22:42:37

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog README 
Removed files:
	.              : io_stream_rsync.h 
	rsync          : AUTHORS COPYING ChangeLog INSTALL 
	                 acconfig.h aclocal.m4 base64.c buf.c buf.h 
	                 changes.test checksum.c checksum.h command.c 
	                 command.h configure 
	                 delta.c delta.test depcomp dot emit.c 
	                 emit.h fileutil.c fileutil.h hex.c install-sh 
	                 isprefix.c isprefix.driver.c isprefix.h 
	                 isprefix.test job.c job.h librsync.3 
	                 libversions.txt ltconfig mdfour.c missing 
	                 mkinstalldirs mksum.c mksum.test 
	                 msg.c mutate.test netint.c netint.h 
	                 patch.c protocol.h prototab.c prototab.h 
	                 rdiff.1 rdiff.c readsums.c rsync.h scoop.c 
	                 search.c search.h signature.test snprintf.c 
	                 sources.test stats.c stream.c 
	                 stream.h sumset.c sumset.h trace.c trace.h 
	                 triple.test tube.c types.h util.c util.h 
	                 version.c whole.c whole.h 
	rsync/delta.input: 01.expect 02.expect 
	rsync/mdfour.input: 01.expect 
	rsync/mksum.input: COPYING.sig 
	rsync/popt     : CHANGES COPYING README 
	                 findme.c findme.h popt.c popt.h poptconfig.c 
	                 popthelp.c poptint.h poptparse.c system.h 
	rsync/signature.input: 01.sig 

Log message:
	2004-08-18  Max Bowsher  <>
	"librsync is not wire-compatible with rsync 2.x, and is not likely
	to be in the future." --
	So, it is of no practical use to setup. Therefore, removing all
	rsync related files and code from setup.
	* rsync: Directory removed.
	* Remove rsync support from the buildsystem.
	* Ditto.
	* README: Since it seems vanishingly unlikely that it will ever happen,
	remove rsync support from the wishlist.
	* Remove.
	* io_stream_rsync.h: Remove.


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