rebase ChangeLog rebase.c
Thu Jul 21 19:10:00 GMT 2011

CVSROOT:	/sourceware/projects/cygwin-apps-home/cvsfiles
Module name:	rebase
Changes by:	2011-07-21 19:10:04

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog rebase.c 

Log message:
	* (DEFS): Add define for sysconfdir.
	(edit): Add substitute expression for sysconfdir.
	* rebase.c: Implement rebase database.
	(roundup): Define.
	(roundup2): Define.
	(machine): New global variable to keep requested machine type.
	(image_storage_flag): New flag.
	(force_rebase_flag): Ditto.
	(quite): Ditto.
	(verbose): Convert to type BOOL.
	(progname): New variable for printing application name in error output.
	(img_info_hdr_t): New type.
	(img_info_t): De-const name.  Add name_size, slot_size, and
	flag members.
	(IMG_INFO_FILE_I386): Define database name for i386 systems.
	(IMG_INFO_FILE_AMD64): Define database name for x86_64 systems.
	(IMG_INFO_FILE): Define default database name.
	(gen_progname): New function to initialize progname.
	(main): Call gen_progname.  Only fetch Cygwin DLL info in 32 bit mode
	for now.  Always collect file info, then rebase dependent on mode.
	In database mode, call load_image_info, collect_image_info,
	merge_image_info, and save_image_info.
	(img_info_name_cmp): New comparison function.
	(save_image_info): New function to save rebase database.
	(load_image_info): New function to load rebase database.
	(merge_image_info): New function to compute rebase values.
	(collect_image_info): Fix typo in condition.  Check for rebaseable
	file here.  Convert given filename to absolute pathname.
	(print_image_info): Revamp to take database into account.  Add
	collision information.
	(rebase): Take down_flag as parameter to allow influencing the
	algorithm from caller.  Drop call to is_rebaseable here.
	(long_options): New option array for getopt_long.
	(short_options): Hold short options.
	(parse_args): Drop anOptions.  Rename anOption to opt.  Call
	getopt_long.  Handle all new flags.
	(usage): Change to reflect new flags.
	(help): New function.
	* Use database mode.  Add -4 and -8 options and
	handle 32 and 64 bit modes.


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