[setup] annotated tag release_2.872, created. release_2.872

yselkowitz@sourceware.org yselkowitz@sourceware.org
Mon Oct 12 20:03:00 GMT 2015

        at  21e78e660504ea27cc0acc24eb7595cd905c2a31 (tag)
   tagging  5c3a215ed5aa345485d3ddae38c86b01fc59b091 (commit)
  replaces  release_2.871
 tagged by  Yaakov Selkowitz
        on  Mon Oct 12 12:37:33 2015 -0500


Achim Gratz (15):
      Implement Base64URL-encoded SHA512 checksums
      Increase read buffer size for io_stream to 64kiB
      Increase read buffer size for the lexer input buffer to 64kiB
      Implement option "-i/--ini-basename" to set the basename for setup
      Correct local directory search
      Refactor setup search and implement XZ compressed setup files
      fromcwd.cc: Remove debugging output
      iniparse.yy: Fix a copy-and-paste bug
      Implement -Y/--prune-install option to bring an installation into a known state
      Fix MD5sum.str () formatting bug
      Fix bug in nibbled1 and use character types throughout
      If MD5 checksum is missing then SHA512 must always be checked
      Simplify parser, both SHA512 checksum types can parse to the same token
      Increase read buffer size for MD5 checksumming to 64kiB
      Properly record SHA512 checksum presence and skip validation for ad-hoc installs

David Hoke (1):
      Implement -I/--include-source option to download and install sources automatically

Ken Brown (1):
      Fix creation of parent directory for file names containing colons

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