[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20160629, created. 20160629

jturney@sourceware.org jturney@sourceware.org
Wed Jun 29 17:41:00 GMT 2016

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   tagging  04684104a172dc7a2d3d52d2667881922ef097d0 (commit)
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Wed Jun 29 15:36:51 2016 +0100

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Jon Turney (156):
      python reimpl of mkpkg tool
      more elaborate python reimpl, add upload_scan
      more work
      add email reporting
      more work
      Add HTML package listing generation tool
      More work
      More work
      Wire up upload_scan to hint setup.hint parser
      add package class, wire up pkg2html to hint parser
      Rename cygwin.py -> common_constants.py
      Add some simple tests for hint parser
      Adjust output
      Extract setup version tool
      Add first pass at mksetupini
      Add a testcase for a setup.hint with no requires
      More work on mksetupini
      Polish pkg2html and make it so it can be unittested
      Add license text, TODO
      Fix tests
      More work
      More work on setup.ini writer
      Fix various problems with mksetupini
      First pass at using version overrides
      Second pass at using version overrides
      Warn if tar filename doesn't follow PVR naming convention
      Add and update tests
      Use custom version sorting class, not distutils.version.LooseVersion
      Add top-level script for running from cron
      Review and refactor maintainer.py, add some tests
      Add a couple more checks
      Factor out reading one package, use to do package validation in upload_scan
      Rename command names to use '-' instead of '_'
      PEP-8 whitespace fixes etc.
      Various tidy ups and attempts at being more pythonic
      Refactor to add a command which does what upset does
      Various logging tweaks
      Add email sending to calm
      Fix a bit of dict overuse
      Validate category values
      Add option to mksetupini to reports some statistics
      Skip merging package sets when there are no uploads for this maintainer
      Add some more tests for version ordering
      Do package hint fixup in package_read(), not validate_packages()
      Some improvements to upload processing
      Add a test for upload scan
      Warn if ldesc and sdesc seem transposed
      Add writing of base directory .htaccess
      Change deprecated logging.warn to logging.warning
      Add more checks on package name validity
      Add an option to spellcheck hints text
      Improve checking that correct source and install versions exist
      Warn if sdesc ends with a '.'
      Warn if too many tar files for a version
      Check package path, rather than package name, against maintainer list
      Add 'compare-arches' for listing differences between architecture package sets
      Warn if a package looks like it should be marked obsolete, but isn't
      Fix 'upload-scan --email' with empty addrs
      Implement vaulting of file requested to be removed
      Add 'sugar' category
      Generate sha512 hash when needed
      Warn if V doesn't start with a digit
      Check package is on package maintainer list during package validation (e.g. for
      Make dependency on enchant for spell checking optional
      Set default values to be correct for running on sourceware.org
      Fix cron script
      Fix whitespace
      Add a .travis.yml
      Move hint parser test expected and results files to a different directory
      Add .gitignore
      Make a special tool to fix requires which are missing cygwin
      Stop with an error if the locale isn't suitable
      Drop the idea of using a sha512.sum file in the upload directory
      Enable email sending using SMTP
      Check for packages which have a maintainer, but don't exist for any arch
      Remove support for ignoring obsolete setup.hint keys
      Add HTML package listing update to calm
      Refinements to upload processing
      Various fixes after testing on sourceware.org
      More fixes after testing on sourceware.org
      Upload should handle !ready in any directory, not just the base directory
      Better handling of setup.hint only uploads
      Make dry-run notice more prominent in email report
      Add TODO and notes on upset
      Fixes to calm-cron-script
      Work around os.makedirs() difficulties
      Ensure setup.ini file has 0644 permissions
      Fix package delete
      Exit with non-zero status if we didn't write setup.ini due to a pre-existing package-set error
      Sort requires: before showing differences
      Tolerate requests to delete files which don't exist
      Remove deletion cookies after files are vaulted
      Write detailed calm log output to a file
      Fix warning about no setup.hint not always being issued
      Sort paths, don't repeat full path for every file moved
      Add a test of deletion cookies
      Fix testdata so validate_packages() can succeed
      Move calm -> calm.py and add wrapper script
      Test directory trees are as expected after moving uploads/vaultings
      Fix buffering_smtp_handler for non-ascii log content
      Update build status URL
      Increase the number of log rotations kept
      Use correct uid/gid in mkmaintdir
      Update package listing base directory .htaccess
      Drop special handling of ':' in sdesc
      Remove forced capitalization of first word of sdesc
      Remove shell script, do everything in python
      Ignore packages marked as OBSOLETE in cygwin-pkg-maint
      Add .xz compression of setup.ini
      Sort requires: when read
      Warn if sdesc contains '  '
      Fix sdesc which end with '.'
      Improve checking sdesc for package name
      Add a testing facility to Bcc: all emails sent
      Add an 'X-Calm' header to mark mails from calm
      Don't emit warnings about ignored upload files on every run
      Remove the !reminder-timestamp file if it's no longer needed
      Make sure we report if an error occured reading uploaded packages
      Improve email subject
      Shuffle around logging levels
      Include severity in the format used to make log mails
      leads_email should be empty unless something went wrong
      Shuffle logging level of suppressed reminder
      Extract version correctly from .lzma files
      Tolerate random files in the homes directory
      In read_package(), log as an error if treated as an error due to strict
      Add a queue interface to a package validator
      Downgrade warning about replacing an existing setup.hint
      Ignore any dotfiles in a package directory
      Make --pkglist optional in mksetupini
      Add an option to mksetupini to disable checking that required packages exist
      Add testpackage/setup.hint
      Ignore in-progress sftp uploads
      Return a named tuple from uploads.scan()
      Move testdata/x86 to testdata/relarea/x86
      Remove pointless .gitignore
      Fix a bug which caused remove-only uploads to be ignored.
      Remove forgiveness for mistakes which no longer exist
      Report an error if a remove filename containing glob metacharacters is used
      Improvements to handling of empty install packages.
      Report any lines with an unknown package status in cygwin-pkg-maint
      Add noarch support
      Make packageable
      Directly check package is in self-source list
      Update TODO
      Fix reminder rate limiting after noarch changes
      Allow previous maintainer(s) of orphaned package to still upload
      Better checking for corrupt packages
      Fix check for file already in release area
      Disable queue unless --queuedir is used
      Removing setup.hint files isn't allowed
      Validate existing packages for all arches before stopping due to any error
      Check that packages have some versions, and warn if no curr version
      Check packages which share the same source package are all at the same version
      Uniquify requires: in setup.ini
      Permit the upload of a compressed empty file as a package file

Yaakov Selkowitz (1):
      past_mistakes: remove dialog, ncurses, xfs

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