[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] branch master, updated. 20160705-64-g1f4e125

jturney@sourceware.org jturney@sourceware.org
Wed Apr 12 10:11:00 GMT 2017


commit 1f4e125ab00389c54a03c9d703c414e4e7ce3584
Author: Jon Turney <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
Date:   Thu Apr 6 19:25:49 2017 +0100

    Add daemon mode for calm
    SIGUSR1 tells it to re-read the upload area
    SIGUSR2 tells it to re-read the release area
    This avoids maintainers having to wait a random amount of time to discover
    the result of their uploads
    For the moment, we still re-read everything every 30 minutes, but this could
    be increased, which would be a good deal more efficient, as we won't be
    re-reading the state of the relarea when nothing has changed.


commit e33732aec99315538034b886a5ad55faa1ad014c
Author: Jon Turney <jturney@sourceware.org>
Date:   Thu May 12 16:45:33 2016 +0000

    Tweak email recipents
    Add stromeko to errors list
    Add jturney and yselkowitz to Bcc list


commit 73494ad1f27cead2e1d921b71496dc05b1a11114
Author: Jon Turney <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
Date:   Fri Jun 24 14:23:51 2016 +0100

    Also check for skip: but install files
    Check the condition both ways, so the presence/absence of skip: matches
    absence/presence of an install tarfile


commit e460bdcee7a9e8bcc0598041e8420ff6cb74abb6
Author: Jon Turney <jon.turney@dronecode.org.uk>
Date:   Sun Apr 9 18:39:21 2017 +0100

    Improve 'should be categorized obsolete' test to apply to each version
    Forgive some legitimate, historical cases of this condition

 calm/package.py |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/calm/package.py b/calm/package.py
index fe188c4..82dca12 100755
--- a/calm/package.py
+++ b/calm/package.py
@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ def validate_packages(args, packages):
                     if 'source' not in packages[p].vermap[vr]:
                         if 'install' in packages[p].vermap[vr]:
                             if packages[p].tars[packages[p].vermap[vr]['install']].is_empty:
-                                lvl = logging.WARNING if p not in past_mistakes.empty_but_not_obsolete else logging.INFO
+                                lvl = logging.WARNING if p not in past_mistakes.empty_but_not_obsolete else logging.DEBUG
                                 logging.log(lvl, "package '%s' version '%s' has empty install tar file and no source, but it's not in the _obsolete category" % (p, vr))
     # make another pass to verify a source tarfile exists for every install

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