[setup - the official Cygwin setup program used to install Cygwin and keep it up to date] annotated tag release_2.878, created. release_2.878

jturney@sourceware.org jturney@sourceware.org
Tue May 2 11:17:00 GMT 2017

        at  99cba7e411e44c36aa7ba37e1f81a7878ae0574b (tag)
   tagging  60800b0ec9e4ba2c37edd51d4877a717cf9e722e (commit)
  replaces  release_2.877
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Tue May 2 12:16:32 2017 +0100



Jon Turney (23):
      Make package size and checksum mandatory in setup.ini
      Remove unused lexer tokens
      Remove parser rules which do nothing
      Remove parser rules which store data which is never used.
      Remove unused syntax for separate size and hash lines
      Remove redundant parser rule
      Remove unused cvsid
      Remove an obsolete prototype
      Add --allow-unsupported-windows option
      Remove uses of stderr for reporting file/directory pathname clashes
      Remove pointless abstract base class IniDBBuilder
      Remove unused package_status_t stored in packageversion class
      Remove cygpackage::destroy() because it does nothing
      Make packageversion::source(|s) const
      Use const version of packageversion::depends() in PrereqChecker
      packageversion::sourcePackageSpecification() is const
      Don't handle missing 'version:'
      Don't do unneeded work when changing stability level
      Make building with DEBUG less useless
      Don't show source-only packages in package list
      Remove obsolete ChangeLog
      Use wininet for fetching URLs in direct (non-proxy) case
      Update displayed copyright to 2017

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