[calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20220627, created. 20220627

Jon TURNEY jturney@sourceware.org
Mon Jun 27 12:58:37 GMT 2022

        at  04c54c1f980923872306d0673748f3af17386977 (tag)
   tagging  385eeb6a094e30aaaf224b9c5b4a025a09002726 (commit)
  replaces  20210626
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Mon Jun 27 13:58:32 2022 +0100



Jon Turney (56):
      Also ignore relative URL intra-site redirects
      Link back from package contents to package summary
      Use an absolute URL for link from package contents to summary
      Update expected test output for summary link in package contents HTML
      Drop freenode #cygwin-bots irc channel
      Clear is_used_by before generating it
      Exempt obsolete:d packages from version check
      Drop any special treatment of md5.sum
      Update top-level sha512.sum
      Leave stale sha512.sum in place to be recomputed by 'make-sha'
      Expire superseded test versions
      Don't emit depends: etc. when there's no install package
      Add 'unmaintained packages' report
      Add 'deprecated shared libraries' report
      Include upstream version in 'unmaintained packages' report
      Always apply upstream_version annotations
      Correctly identify upstream version for legacy packages
      Also sort by unchanged in 'unmaintained packages' report
      Drop computing and using 'prev' stability level
      Provide missing obsoletes on some debuginfo packages
      Remove 'stability level' computation and use
      Add python 3.9 to GitHub test matrix
      Relax package retention
      Initially, only relax package retention of sourceless debuginfo packages
      Update perl annotation tool
      Persistently record all package names
      Extend relaxed package retention to obsolete packages
      By default, only produce reports when daemonized
      Apply relaxed retention to all debuginfo packages
      Remove a long-unneeded irregularity in paths used on a test system
      Move regex for detecting a soversion package to a single place
      Improve help text and error reporting in 'untest'
      Drop mailhost & mailport from BufferingSMTPHandler
      Drop MoveList.copy()
      Give unmaintained packages the 'unmaintained' pseudo-category
      Factor out navigating from pkg to srcpkg
      Ignore flake8-bugbear B020
      Raise minimum setup version to 2.903
      Improve reporting of what's happening with their packages to a maintainer
      Expire unused, deprecated, old shared library versions
      Improve 'curr not most recent' error mesage
      Improve 'calm --email=debug'
      Fix maintainer action log filtering
      Warn if source and binary packages diff in test: label
      Improve deprecated soversion expiry
      Allow 'license:' key in source hint
      Extend fix-missing-src-hint-info for license:
      CI: Drop python 3.5 and add python 3.10
      Improve default for EMAIL when testing
      Only mail leads log records of ERROR or higher
      Avoid false-positive in warning about replace-version:
      Add some more maintainer-less package anomalies
      Remove empty subdirectories
      Use a separate staging dir for automated build uploads
      Show all install packages for a source package
      Update version to 20220627

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