updated version of patch available for test!

Michael Ring Michael.Ring@t-mobil.de
Tue Aug 22 02:56:00 GMT 2000

patch is a GNU package to apply diff-style patches to sourcecode

This is a replacement package for patch based on 1.1.4 version of the cygwin
This package was provided as a support-tool for the rpm-package that was also
announced today.

full support for the standard cygwin-packaging scheme will be added in the next
release, right now /usr/doc/<package>-<version> documentation is supported in
the binary tar.gz, support for the /usr/doc/cygwin directory cygwin-specific
documentation) will be added soon

The package is now available for testing at

(tar.gz version)


(Original Sources)


Building requires gcc-2.95.2-2 and binutils-20000722-1 or later.


o The original patch on cygwin/latest has one problem: It uses the env-values
for TMP TEMP and TMPDIR to determine the temp-directory. If you work with a
default installation and use binary mounts the path to TMP or TEMP is very
likely to point to a directory that is accessed in textmode. The result of this
is that patch takes a file without cr/lf, patches it, then saves it to $TEMP. As
TEMP is a textmount cr-lf get added. When patch is done it moves the patched
file back and now you have cr/lf endings on a binary mount. This makes gcc go
crazy if lines are continued with a \<cr> at the end.
o cygwin-specific doc /usr/doc/Cygwin/automake-1.4-1.README missing at this
point (will soon be there)
o generic docs in /usr/doc/patch-2.5.4/*
o source archive distributed as original source and patch-file; standard src-tar
file will follow
o cygwin-specific README and PATCH are soon stored in the source archive, under
<top>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/* (although the patch has already been applied to the
archive itself).


Maintainer not known to me, if nobody volunteers I will maintain the package


When tested this package should go to the latest directory

Comments and test reports welcome!

--Michael Ring

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