db-3.1.17-1 ready for test!

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Tue Aug 22 09:40:00 GMT 2000

Three things:

1) The /usr/doc directory is created mode 700 by your make install, so
the tarball's usr/doc directory is not readable/usable by other than
Administrator. This should be fixed in dist/Makefile.in

2) libdb.dll and libdb_cxx.dll should be installed stripped. IMO. And in
cgf's opinion, stated earlier on cygwin-apps.

3) I get a popup stating "...failed to initialize properly
(0x000000022)" whenever I try to run the binaries (/usr/bin/db-load.exe,
etc). However, these executables, according to cygcheck, are NOT
dynamically linked to libdb.dll -- but the 0x00000022 error is typically
associated with missing dll's right?  Michael, can you successfully run
these executables on your machine?

FWIW, when I built using my version of the patch we've been passing
back-n-forth, the executables were dynamically linked and did run
properly.  What changed?


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