[RFD]: Where to put the important README files?

David Starks-Browning starksb@ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 12:49:00 GMT 2000

On Wednesday 7 Jun 00, Parker, Ron writes:
> I was hoping for an orthogonal location that would be *just* for Cygwin
> specific files.  This would allow us to install all of the "standard"
> documentation and have our own post-install README's in a discrete location.
> Something like:
> *	/usr/doc/Cygwin
> as a base directory for our documentation.  Then later we could add:
> *	/usr/doc/Cygwin/FAQ/*

I like this better than putting faq.info (and readme.info, for that
matter) in /usr/info.


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